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  1. you gotta get out of Pittsburgh...


    its killin ya


    It's not Pittsburgh that's killin' me.. It's my college. I'm in the middle of freakin' NOWHERE!!! I had to spend a chunk of money to get to NYC for Invasion.. but it was worth it ^_^


    I gotta get me a car.. that's what I need..

  2. I'm trying to see if I can get a ride up... if I can possibly get a plane ticket then who's house can I crash at for the night?


    I'm lookin' at a real reasonable ticket for flying in JFK airport.

  3. Random Tiesto fact #36

    "Tiesto once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands. "


    Just popped in to say how much I appreciate you guys. Keep pushing the envelope. As far as I'm concerned the majority of you are laying out foundations for the future of sticking and stringing. Can't wait to meet a few of you at Otakon 2007. (Maybe one day I'll visit NYC if I'm not broke. >.<)



    Oh screw that!!! That's a Chuck Norris fact you fool!

  4. Just wanted to throw the idea out for con help in here because there are several cons that I attend and do this for.... Otakon would just be the biggest one since it is in fact the largest convention on the Eastern Coast...

  5. Glowsticking panel at a convention would include the following:







    Basically the way the convention is set up; you have very large rooms where the panels are to be held and there is a platform where they have tables and such set up at the front of the room. There are rows and rows of chairs for people to sit down and the tables at the front are meant for the panelists who would be presenting their panel. The things I would require for this are a massive load of glowsticks for all those that are coming in and a projector. We would project video onto a screen behind the tables and there are microphones should we need to use them but the first panel that I held at a smaller convention, we actually stood on top of the tables so everyone could see us. I would need a lot of help because this would be (I would imagine based on the interest shown in a survey conducted and previous conventions this has taken place at) a very large panel so we'll need people walking up and down the isles to help those who need some assistance.


    I like to use powerpoint so I would design a powerpoint presentation with music and such and videos of people but I would dream of having some help like Ginseng, Rai and it would be great having Easy Target and Zero.. You guys would all be great help.


    Do keep in mind that anyone listed on helping me (I'm not sure how many people hits the limit on help yet...) would get into the con for free. They do not pay for your hotel room.. Please keep that in mind. Of course, I wouldn't mind sharing a room with a bunch of GSC boys ;) lol

  6. Ahem... *stands up at podium* It has come to my attention that I have the incredible fortune of speakig to several anime conventions up and down the Eastern Coast. I wanted to just throw out there that all of them have been interested (or have seen personally) the success of a panel I held for Glowsticking, Raving, and the Meaning of PLUR held at a convention. I was not only invited back to that convention but other, larger, conventions have opened up their minds into accepting a similar panel and have spoken to me about running them. I'm not sure if I can make it to all of them due to the fact they're in different states.


    My statement is this: I need help!!!! :sm_bigeek: lol. It's really hard to handle huge groups by yourself so I'd like to know if anyone is interested in helping me with such panels at different points in the year. Since you'd be my assistant panelist, you'd get into the convention and everything for free!


    And takers or opposers? :dope:thumbsdown:

  7. I wouldn't want to be the one to clean that up..


    On a humorous note.. did you know all people are burried pantless? It's true. All coffins are not that long so they break the dead persons' legs and nail them to the coffin and sometimes don't even put underwear on them. They just put a sheet overtop of them and when you go to the funeral home, they're covered up from the midchest down.


    creepy isn't it?


    At least if they come back as zombies they won't be able to walk very well ^_^

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