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  1. <3 thank you for making my EDC memorable

  2. Did we even see each other???

  3. You're a drunk!! You never called me back!! lolol I still love you man

  4. :DDDD are you going to be at the bbq?

  5. :o I actually have something electronic that Patrick doesn't!!!

    *does the dance of life!.....bangs into bookshelf...*

  6. ;.; damn... I will be sure to facebook you my times and such and we will be epic once again!!! *smells another crazy video coming...*

  7. Hell yeah I'm going to be there both days!!! I'm so excited to see you again!!

  8. You owe me glomps!!!

  9. By the way, freak yeah I'm going to be there two days!!

    Wtf going one day is like hiring a hooker to play yahtzee

  10. Am I going to get to see you again this year or what?!

  11. Hey I hope to see you at EDC this year

  12. Sweet icon! Did you get my text about the times I'll be arriving?

  13. did they release the dates yet?

  14. psh yeah right! Like I'd miss both days.... lol

  15. What



    Lol I miss you!!!

  16. Of course I'll be at EDC!!! You gonna be lovin on me this time? hahaha

  17. lol you're too sweet. I miss you!!

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