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  1. happy birthday and may it be the best you ever had

  2. Grawwr, lol I got a tattoo that says PLUR :D

  3. This is your favorite pupil from EDC lol. Main page says it's your birthday.. Happy Birthday!! I wish you the best:-)

  4. <3 thank you for making my EDC memorable

  5. Did we even see each other???

  6. You're a drunk!! You never called me back!! lolol I still love you man

  7. :DDDD are you going to be at the bbq?

  8. :o I actually have something electronic that Patrick doesn't!!!

    *does the dance of life!.....bangs into bookshelf...*

  9. LMAO. a hooker and yatzzze lol......totally cool...

  10. ;.; damn... I will be sure to facebook you my times and such and we will be epic once again!!! *smells another crazy video coming...*

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