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  1. What the hell where did all your comments go??

  2. Oh yea buddy! I got my basket of candy ready to go!

  3. Apparently not...phone friends>GS.c friends. =b

  4. PS-I got consecutive weddings on the 3rd and the 10th, so I am out for that month.

  5. YO! I'd message Brad...he may be down for making the trip out to spin fire for that party. His handle is Snail and I know he has a MySpace and FaceBook.

  6. Hai! Welcome to GS.c! If there is anything we can do or any questions you have don't hesitate to PM a staff member!

  7. Hai! I'd like to welcome you to Glowsticking.com! Should any of you have any questions please do not hesitate to message any staff member. Please take the time to read our Cultural Section because it is very important to us!
  8. Whoa! Where did you come from?! LoL. I'm Jacob and the person you'd talk to about events in OH. Nice to meet you!

  9. I don't answer questions...they answer me.
  10. You fail at keeping appointments
  11. LoL...yea $600 didn't fit my budget. But I can long distance the hatred for you :P

  12. I'm on top of new Ohio members! LoL. Trying to get this state up and running ASAP! Thanks for responding to that for me!

  13. Yo! Your comment wall was looking lonely! Thanks again for coming to the meet up even though it was small I hope you learned a few things and had a good time!

  14. *poke* I was reading OOOOOOLLLLD posts in the 1k posts thread about how you will never make it to 1k...you're 3 posts short! Come back and finish the job!

  15. Hey! I just wanted to personally stop by and welcome you to GS.c! I am one of the people in Ohio that plans meet ups and travels to events. Hopefully we see you stay active and you can join us for our next get together!

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