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  1. I haven't been around in ages but it feels warm and fuzzy seeing all these familiar faces still posting….. I'll try to pop into the chat and see what's up a few times this week
  2. 5 year anniversary trip!

  3. Marz

    cody thanks for being sich a great inspiration to me cant wait to meet you someday

  4. Iota

    Thank you, your combos in this:

    are what inspired me to start stringing, and what little I've done so far has been great! Hopefully one day i'll be able to string with the same amount of style and passion.
  5. Yeah, sure.

    just hhit me up on aim or facebook or whatever and remind me.

  6. hey man,

    would you be interested in submitting some footage for the GSC Haunted Collab 3? http://www.glowsticking.com/forums/topic/27170-haunted-gsc-collab-3/page__pid__377730#entry377730


  7. hey thanks for making me feel so welcome last night man!

    i didnt get a chance to get your number, you should pm it to me!

    it was great meetin you and everyone :]

  8. thx for diggin up that video man!!

  9. Im seriously thinking about it. Ill know for sure by the end of this weekend.

  10. Hey, did I hear you might be comin to Colorado for Global Dance Festival?

  11. Aqua

    thanks for stringing last night!

    it was really nice seeing you. so glad you got to see the group crack to steve aoki

  12. lol, I had forgotten nitr0 posted that in here XD

  13. no more talking to lock shot, kthx

  14. Cody

    get on aim sometime

  15. Hey Cody, how'd the meet up at Treasure Island go? Any chance to meet up and kick it?

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