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  1. Hey bukklee, did not did not see your post and rarely log on. Would totally be down to meet up at a show or something. Lmk!
  2. EDC Vegas/Chi, Spring Awakening, North Coast, Lolla I really want to hit up a camping one sometime, but I guess we'll see. I got tix for Ultra Miami for next year as well. Which one are you guys going to?
  3. That's cool. Not at all... I've actually been chilling with Wayne (Wes's buddy) a lot and he'll have string sometimes and I'll spin a bit. Things are much more difficult for me now haha.
  4. been going to so many festivals and concerts, so def made me think about GSC.
  5. haha seems like everyone recently checked out the site at the same time!
  6. Wow, almost a year since anyone wrote here. WHAT'S UP?

  7. D86

    Wil long time no see! Im gonna release a video like next week. Come back to cali some time!

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