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  1. Hey Mark, it was great to meet you and Allison at Jaimison's. Hope we run into eachother again! You were really great to hang out with.

  2. Hey Mark! Are you coming to the meetup tomorrow?

  3. Kristen and I both got sick the day after the party too. I think it was from the Japanese food we ate in J-Town

  4. love fest love fest

  5. Mark! It's time to start planning for Love Fest again and I'm hoping that you and Ali can make it this year. Come out of the LA/OC meetup if you can on Saturday and we can go over it more.

  6. Tentacle Monsters FTW! BTW, I did finally break down and get a 360... GT: Wushu Raver

  7. Hey man! Trying to get a hold of me???

  8. u were at the meetup werent you ^^

  9. glad you could make it yesterday!

  10. It was good but you better come next time!! It's not a party without you!

  11. sorry i couldn't make it out to the island.... i hope you all had fun

  12. D86

    Tao was awesome! Maybe you go to Natalies meetup?! Yes, maybe. ;)

  13. <3 you going to come out to visit?

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