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  1. i dont see sh1n much, his been caught up with his girlfriend, but yea jose, anytime u come down here . u have a place to stay in LA for sure . and did u check out my mammoth meetup thread? lol

  2. please dont rub it in, i know i had to go but money was tight, next year ill travel to LA every once in a while, it'll be sikk to stik with u guys again, btw say hi to sh1n

  3. love fest, you missed out

  4. cheneric you should change the title of the thread, and include the vid in your first post, that way no one will miss it! ill give my review at night since i got to much distraction at the moment, but it was nice being in a collab and it helps me a lot to think outta the box!
  5. i guess i felt like bump this thread, cybrpunk, peruvian martian and i are in this thing, we sent the link to our vids, which are pretty decent, i hope this vid comes sweet! good luck cheneric with the editin process!
  6. The San Jose people sometimes take in out of towners. You should hit them up. You still got time or maybe post a thread for hosting?

  7. im trying danny but money is short at the moment, the good news is that i got a raise, woohoo, just heard right now! the only issue is the place i will be staying at, hotels are expensive as hell!

  8. The lovefest trip is 100 times better than EDC, for reals you wont regret it. Fly out.

  9. Thank you very much!

  10. dont worry kay, if you need to talk about anything im always free, i love interacting and sharing with this community, you can pm me or aim, either way im online on my phone most of the time!

  11. Hey thanks for the post on my thingy! I appreciate it very much!!! ^.^

  12. oh shit, ill be shooting this sunday with cybrpunk, so hopefully you'll have a few more, can you tell me how many freehanders we have by pm, i dont know if i should submit a freehandin or stringin vid! depends on the count i would like it to be balanced!
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