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  1. Yeah you better get back into it this winter break! Aaaaand if there aren't many people in your area then maybe you should introduce some people to it and force them to do it with you even if they don't like it :D

  2. Well, there's a lot of members int he Orlando and Tampa area :P you just gotta search for them.

    The scene down here is kinda..spread out. The Miami scene can be a little secluded, but its the biggest scene. Sadly, it's falling apart, and a couple of members and I who are a bit ways north of Miami have been trying to get things back into motion.

    Do you know other members in you...

  3. Ack you're pretty far from me :/

    How's the gsc scene over there?

  4. So I have a thing with SNSD...

  5. Freehander, and yes! from FL!

    I've been planning some meet-ups, finally having one TODAY at 1up :D

  6. Stringer or freehander?

    And you're in FL too?!

  7. Sameee..well the school part haha. And not raelly..I'm gonna get back into it this winter break and learn some more. It just sucks being the only one in my area. :[ So lonelyyy

  8. Pretty good actually, thanks for asking :]. Just the same old stuff at school and work but can't really complain. How have youuu been? Still stringing?

  9. Heyyy :] How've you been?

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