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  1. how is my rep only a 2

    1. Noqturnal


      From that "post when you practice" thread you started.

  2. Traiiiiiitor haha : )

  3. hey man,

    would you be interested in submitting some footage for the GSC Haunted Collab 3? http://www.glowsticking.com/forums/topic/27170-haunted-gsc-collab-3/page__pid__377730#entry377730


  4. i just watched your 8/11/10 vid. i must say, it truly did inspire me to practice freehanding. and for that, i thank you.

  5. made practice at electric zoo. worked on giving a lightshow and dancing with a girl at the same time.... oooo it worked famously
  6. thanks mate ive all ways wanted to stick threw Europe. def hit you up if i ever do. but its not just the person i am,,, its the mind set man.... go out to a park with a pair of ultras,,, just give them to some 11 year old and see how much fun they have with those sticks.... there not worried about pulling a behind the back toss,,,, if they drop it first instinct is to pick it right back up. we paint with light people.... that is some shit on a different level at witch people can not comprehend to realize. but i say i'll be the fool now... much rather be a fool now then n
  7. ok so heres a lil history lesson..... when i was new the tutorials were people putting out videos. watch them.... and the parts you wanna learn..... go over 5000 times slow mo that shit ,,,,,,, yo i work two jobs and still have time to stick.... you cant teach freedom.... you can only learn how to freehand once you learn that you can already do it. you just havent practiced it. plus this is just post when you stick.,... (in conjuction with why there are no tutorials) this is to show people that your taking this seriously too..... we are all seperated by space
  8. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ some ideas stick with just one sock on stick laying down stick sitting down stick to different music stick to nothing stick to 2 different types of music goign at once stick 2 feet away from a wall you can bounce off of stick outside (if you can) stick in differnt rooms like your bathroom. seat down for that one energy drinks might make your hands unsteady and shake. stick with a hoodie on stick in shorts and in jeans, and in ufos shoes on shoes off one on one off please stick with a shirt on..... its never to hot to take your
  9. change up the style of music you listen to, maybe the scenery if your not feeling it. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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