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  2. Almost totally forgot about the elitist mindset that this website used to foster.
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  4. I don't think people at festivals even know the word "battling" anymore. it was relevant in 2000 - 2008ish. But honestly, Gen Z kids are a bit nicer, and not so influenced by the 80s and 90s (well I mean, they have fun DRESSING like it). Music itself split into a bazillion genres. Festivals play everything. That was good, but then it lead to a loss of unity because the rave got consumed by what is now "EDM", and it mixed with the mainstream of every other niche music genre. over all. In the end, it became about the WHO. The ones who were really effective organizers found something a bit less c
  5. Another way of executing the figure 8 is by employing localized wrist movements (download video 2). In this method, you are still creating an outline of an ?8? but the in a much smaller fashion. This variation will depend on the dexterity of your wrists. Because the shape of the figure 8 is smaller, more intense trails can be created with less movement and speed. The effect is a much more fluid figure 8, given that it is done correctly. 1. You can hold the glowsticks in the same fashion as done in video #1, but in order to maximize the smooth effect of the trails, hold the glowsticks like you are gripping a pencil. However, instead of holding the stick in the middle, grasp the end of the glowstick (see video). Additionally, apply a relatively loose grip on the glowsticks. This will allow the glowstick room to move during the execution to create a more fluid image. 2. Join both hands at the inside of wrist. You should have the palms of your hands facing each other, forming a ?v? in front of you. 3. The idea here will be the same as the standard (arm movement) figure 8. However, you will only be moving your wrists. Begin by moving your right hand glowstick down to the left side and moving your left glowstick to where your right one was. To perform these movements, think of ?rolling your wrists? on each other (see video). 4. Next, bring your right hand glowstick back to the right side. Simultaneously, bring your left glowstick down to the left side. At this point, your hands should be at the same level, uncrossed. To create the bottom half of the ?8,? point the glowsticks toward the ground. Having a loose grip will make this easier. 5. Now, move the right hand glowstick up and to the left, while moving your left glowstick to the right side where your right glowstick just was. Again, we?re doing the same right-hand lead, left hand follow motion. 6. Finally, bring the right hand glowstick over to the left and bring the left up to the left. You should be in your initial starting position, more or less. While doing this step, you can point the sticks upward as to exaggerate the top of the ?8?. This form of the figure 8 requires a little more practice. Remember to think about rolling your wrists. Practice making these movements smooth. What I have given you is the basic outline of the movements involved. Also, you can experiment with your grip by varying its tightness at the top and bottom of the ?8? to create different sizes. The looser the grip, the more they will ?flail? in your hands and the smoother it will look. Be patient with this move. Focus not on speed, but more on smoothness and fluidity. With smoothness will come speed.
  6. Glowstringing Tutorial Wrap 101 This tutorial covers: arm wraps, leg wraps, side bicep wraps, neck wrap, double bicep wraps, and the alternate arm wraps.  
  7. Glowstringing Tutorial This is a tutorial designed for people who wanted to start glowstringing but has never done it before. The tutorial starts by answering some of the most common questions such as how to tie the strings and how to hold them, then moving on to teach the Weave, Windmill, and Butterfly. All you need is a pair of shoelaces and a pair of 6 inch glowsticks (either used or unused) then you can start here. Some people like their shoelaces round and thin, some like theirs flat and thick. It doesn't matter as long as you are comfortable with them. Try different kinds and experiment until you find a kind that suits you.  
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  9. I was so I was so busy working at startups and becoming an executive that there were a few servers I didn't turn off that was draining maybe 200. I redid recently and shut those down and got it down to a much better 40.
  10. I usually check extremeglow because of our partnership in the past. I buy like 50 at a time. usually like 20 for practice and 30 ultras or hi intensities. (that was my last purchase)
  11. Had to go digging around and found I still had the DVD. Have so many memories from this place. Feels like a lifetime ago. Basically a dumb kid who ran around meeting random people who Danced and gave light shows. I basically fell into the fire scene around 2010. I still occasionally spin stuff on insta. Currently about to return to university for graduate school so doubt I’ll have much free time. Haven’t even gone to a rave in like 8 years. Randomly looked up the first EDC I went to in like 04 or 05 and saw a bunch of GSC videos. Pretty crazy.
  12. Orbiting is still done but not nearly as popular as about ten years ago. Gloving is the most popular right now. Shuffling is still the most popular. Candy stepping I haven't seen done except by OGs.
  13. Is orbitting still out there? Shuffling? Candy-stepping? which is like nordictrack with an extra kick.
  14. What rave dance styles are non existent nowadays? Im pretty sure the nordictrack isnt done, as well as rebel step.
  15. My lil flow heart is fucking hyped I DIED WHEN I THOUGHT THIS PAGE WAS GONE. please tell me the old a-z move forum is back? Omg best thing that's happened in 2020 is seeing this page back up 😍😍😍

  16. The LA underground scene was strong before covid. Lots of unpermitted events, but almost all of them were 21+ with private security. They still had lots of permitted massives every few months.
  17. Ive been in it pretty consistenly over the years, the changes are alot event wise.
  18. nice! i wouldve loved to experience that. All I saw was liquid and nordictrack in my early days haha
  19. I've never taken a class at w but I'm 3 hours from chicago and started partying in 1996 so caught the mid to tail side of the bright of house and techno both on wisconsin so chicago and detroit big part of the scene of course
  20. awesome! Ive been learning for the past 6 months on an online course, its so fun! I cant wait to hit the clubs up someday.
  21. I've been known to hibbit the house hops at Jaks house . being in the Midwest it's kind of a thing 😉😃🤘
  22. Finished school, got a degree in business marketing, still dj every so often but mostly do Social Media Marketing and due to covid in Hawaii, im on UE. Surviving out here and healthy so I cant really complain otherwise!
  23. GSC! Wow, this was a happy email to see in my inbox. I'm glad to see you all around. As for me, I got my MFA in creative writing, was working as an English professor at a few universities. My favorite papers/arguments with students have come down to them trying to teach their stuffy professor about EDM or raves. It's always fun to see their reactions to old GSC videos. Recently I have taken a small break for some family reasons and illnesses (all the old people got all of the cancers), and I have been working in an digital marketing firm as a content writer/content editor/copy editor
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