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  2. Omg this thread- Wormy knees Spoopy E Sanrio characters Puppy Neon spaghetti
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  4. Cartoonists draw cartoons, cartoons online, comic books. going to draw a dance scene I want a scene that is filled with love. The more I get it, it's great outdoors. Any era, any genre, yes, you can. I'd like to learn how to draw a dance scene. รีวิวUFA365 UFA365เว็บพนันที่ดีที่สุด ห้องรวมเกมส์UFA365 Can I have a Thai or English title, a manga or a webtoon? Thank you.
  5. รองเท้าวิ่ง รองเท้ากีฬา วิ่งเพื่อสุขภาพ แฟชั่น ฉันกำลังจะกลับมาวิ่ง เลยต้องหารองเท้าวิ่ง จากนั้นฉันก็สงสัยว่าเราจะแยกรองเท้าที่คนใส่สำหรับวิ่งหรือแฟชั่นได้อย่างไร รีวิวUFA800 แฉ ออนไลน์UFA800 เว็บเดิมพันออนไลน์UFA800 จริง ๆ แล้วจากการสังเกตว่ารองเท้าวิ่งนั้นพื้นรองเท้าหนา แต่บางรุ่นมีพื้นหนา แต่คนไม่ใส่วิ่ง รบกวนผู้รู้ครับ. //ขอบคุณล่วงหน้าครับป.ล. โพสต์แรก
  6. Name: Sky Age: 25 Gender: male Location: LAO Interests: music, juggling devil sticks, juggling, movies... lots more Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: fight club... a nightmare before christmas Musical Interest: anything that i can bob my head to and makes me feel good... it changes from day to day Goal in the next 5 years: graduate and start teaching high school Goal in the next 20 years: have a foundation set in the education world and working at a major university as the head of a music department
  7. Anywhere around st. Petersburg? I am driving through in July
  8. Thank you for keeping this alive. Nostalgia is hitting me like a truck.
  9. Hot damn, it's alive! I'm now adulting in NorCal, ups and downs but still here. Lived overseas for a while and came back. I'll be at Dreamstate in November 2021. I'll try and remember to check back here if any of you wanna connect.
  10. Thought this site was gone for good. Interesting my login still works. Well done Dave. It's been 15 years since I was really active. Maybe I'll see some of you at Dreamstate, November 2021!
  11. Welcome! This website is pretty inactive but I know where some glowstickers hang out online
  12. Ive been GSing since I was 10 years old and Im 43 now. the first glowsticks I ever saw were at Epcot center in orlandow florida and I was hooked. Ive been watching videos from the net about dancing and sticking and stringing of and on for many many years now, and Im glad to join this site to carry on this entertainment. thank you for having me.
  13. CALLING ALL DANCERS & DANCE LOVERS! Please join us on Saturday, May 22nd, 1-4pm for the 15th Annual Dance Parade - Online Worldwide! You can register for FREE here: https://danceparade.org/register/ The event will be a global, interactive event using thousands of Zoom cameras on performance, teaching and party stages. This year we celebrate the theme “DANCE BRINGS US TOGETHER” with dancers from around the world. This years ribbon cutting ceremony will pay homage to healthcare workers and introduce dance celebrity Grand Marshals: Lisa Lisa, H.T. Chen, Dian Dong and Virginia
  14. I'm so happy this place is still here 🥰 I'm getting my kid a set of poi for his 13th birthday and watching the glowstringing tutorials with him I miss this place
  15. i have kandi that says - plur - clout - piss - pride - dancr
  16. My best video to day (in the opinion of others, not my personal favorite)  lots of variations of string manipulations, mind manips or mindgames, weaves, wraps, behind the back, and other fun. I was just starting to dial in my style in this video I remember finally being pleased with my routine here. Received a lot of respect from my peers after releasing this video and honestly became more infatuated with the art and scene than ever.    This video was created in 2005 - those days will forever be embed in our hearts as the best times of our lives. So many from the old club / rave days have now passed out - but the times and memories we shared will never be forgotten.
  17. This was edited by Nmestar99, Jeff...one of my best friends I ever had on this site. I had no idea this site was still up. The nostalgia is super intense. I hope I see some people that I remember and people that remember me! Either way, this was my one contribution to the freehand world. Hope you guys enjoy it. ❤️
  18. Dude..this is crazy nostalgic. Anybody remember me by chance?
  19. 90s pop is not very nice. I love 69 rock music, especially jimi hendrix.
  20. Joker held the winning position for 11 months and 20 days. Then I come out of nowhere...
  21. Hi, I'm Moloch, I usually am on Discord but I joined the Glowsticking Discord. Forums are very inactive here, much like where I used to hang out in Home of Poi back in06/07. Just thought I'd say hi, I used to freehand in Denver in 06 and switched exclusively to glowstringing for a year and then left behind glowsticks perhaps in 07, at the Burn. A dude named Clutch hopped into MasterOng and Friends and convinced me to get back into glowsticking, didn't take much convincing honestly. Feels great to see glowsticking come back to life in my life. Freehanding as a smarter, older person means I
  22. lol Right? You can only glow stick here, but not there. If you glowstick there, it's bad, because... reasons.
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