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  1. Glowsticking.com Discussions

    1. Newbie Central: New People Come Here!

      A safe place to ask questions and introduce yourself.

    2. Homebase: General Chat

      Talk about anything the other forums don't cover: daily events, musings, discussions, etc.

    3. No Strings Attached: Freehand Discussion and Tutorials

      Freehand glowsticking, or "Freehanding," is the art of using glowsticks without strings. Talk about freehand glowsticking here. Freehand glowsticking tutorials and discussion of freehand related articles are found here as well.

    4. On The Line: Glowstringing Discussion and Tutorials

      Glowstringing, also known as "Stringing," is the art of glowsticking with glowsticks attatched to strings. Talk about glowstringing here. Glowstringing tutorials and discussion of glowstringing related articles are found here as well.

    5. 24.7k
    6. Regional Information

      Post and talk about events and meetups and speak with other members in their respective areas. Tip: You can now search for members near your area. Go to the member search area and then click on "Toggle More Options" located in the "Search and Filter Options."

    7. The Sandbox!

      Anything goes here. Keep it civil!

    8. Glowsticking Culture

      Discussion of Glowsticking History, Culture and Etiquette.

      Getting made fun of for glowsticking? Not sure if you should glowstick in front of a particular crowd? Ask for advice here!

      Please keep discussions civil. Remember: there are no rules to glowsticking, but following a set of moral guidelines can help keep tensions and stereotypes to a minimum.

    9. Glowsticks, Lightsticks and LEDs, Oh My!

      Discuss modifications and materials used for glowsticking as well as all the lights we use in our craft, such as: OmniGlow, Cyalume, Northernlights, Inovas and Photons.

    10. Glowsticking.com Supporters: Membership Required

      Showed your support for GSC? Voice your thoughts for improvement, new benefits for supporters and talk to other supporters of the site.

    11. Dance Exchange

      It's always good to learn a bit more about other urban dance styles. Confused? Read our articles. Discuss Popping, Locking, Hip-hop, House-dancing, Bboying and any other non-glow dances.

    12. The Others

      Talk about other light related dancing, such as conjuring, orbiting, etc.

    13. News and Articles

      Submit articles here for the GSC front-page.

  2. Feel the Bass: DJing, Mixing, Producing, Music Discussion and Downloads

    1. DJing, Mixing and Producing Music

      For all DJs & Producers! This is the perfect place for discussion when experiencing problems with Reason, Ableton, or Fruityloops. Perhaps you have a malfunctioning Pioneer CDJ1000 or one of the decks on your Xone:3D completely stopped working out of nowhere. Got a track you need help on? This section is for you!

      DJ Mixes, DJ Sets and Songs you have produced should be posted in the "Music Downloads: Songs, Sets and DJ Mixes" forum.

    2. Music Discussion and Downloads

      Share, download and talk about music here. From Armin van Buuren to Skrillex; from Moby to Kelly Clarkson; from Eminem to Mos Def; from Fatboy Slim to your favorite underground DJ or your very own mixes!

  3. General Discussions

    1. Cafe Intellect: Serious Thoughts

      Topics and items that you think should deserve thoughtful discussion. Responses having more than one word are strongly encouraged. Please respect this forum. "Serious" relationship topics should go in the Therapy Central forum.

    2. Kandi-Land: Kandi Bracelets and Kandi Tutorials

      For all Kandi lovers! Discuss Kandi, share Kandi pictures and videos, and post tutorials for making Kandi here! Bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, etc.

    3. Therapy Central: Love, Life, Questions and Answers

      We all need a second opinion, or a third, when it comes to life. Relationships, love, family; we all need to talk about these things from time to time.

      Keep the discussion respectful and drama free!

    4. MediaArtbox: Member Art, Photos, Media and Videos

      Share your art, photos, assorted media and non-glowsticking video clips for critique, discussion or just simply to learn from. Use your own hosting or built-in attachment limits.

    5. CultureBox: The Things That Make the World Go Round

      Discuss TV, Movies, Books, Anime, Comic Books, Video Games, etc. Talk about the media (all kinds) that entertain us in the wee hours of the night. From reviews to specific topics, this is where you get down to the specifics.

    6. GS.C Storefront: Purchase or Buy from Other Members!

      Post here to advertise or search for used or unneeded products for sale. Please be sure to use the proper acronyms for the topic title! (WTB, FS, WTT, FREE)

  4. Glowsticking.com International

    1. De France? S'engage

      GS.c est une communauté qui a la mission d'encourager un échange libre des tous les informations. Nous n'aimons jamais la compétition entre les gens qui participent dans notre famille. Gs.c espère d'aider tout le monde à faire des rapports à longue duré. Travailons toujours dans le cadre de la Paix,de L'amour, de la Unité, et du Respect (PLUR).Nous vous voulons être bien reçu sur ce site-web, et nous esperons que vous trouverez de l'aide,des amis, et du bonheur

    2. Habla Espanol?

      Glowsticking.com es una comunidad dedicada mayormente a el arte de bailar con luces. La comunidad ofrece ayuda y detalles de como moverse o bailar con las luces, o con luces amarradas con cuerdas. Tambien tenemos videos de nuestros afiliados bailando y demostrando sus abilidades en una variedad de bailes.

      GS.C no acepta ni va a promover batallas de ninguna clase. Nosotros estamos aqui para ayudar, enseñar, aprender y le pedimos a todo el que se afilie que sean de mente abierta. GS.C practica el concepto de PLUR, que significa Paz(Peace), Amor(Love), Unidad(Unity), y Respeto(Respect), asi nunca atraemos problemas de ninguna indole.

      Sobre todo, Glowsticking.com se trata de ser idealista; pero nos gusta disfrutar y esperamos que tu disfrutes tambien mientras estes aqui.

    3. The Rosetta Stone: Miscellaneous Languages

      From konnichiwa to issalamu alekum, language is what ties us together and allows us to communicate. Here you can represent languages that are not seen in other parts of the forum, get help, or discuss linguistics in general.

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