Art of Glowsticking DVD

For an exciting announcement about the public release of this DVD in 2020, please refer below.

from cynicdave

Welcome to the original page for’s Art of Glowsticking DVD. Released in 2006, it’s been a favorite of our community and was sold through the site for a number of years. It literally took years to make and 2 computer upgrades for it to happen. The artist who designed the cover is now famous. The various community members who participated are now full-fledged adults.

The Art of Glowsticking DVD is a 3 hour presentation with glowsticking / rave footage from Chicago, California (North and South), New York, as well as a variety of other places over a span of 3 years. Features an indepth tutorial on both freehand glowsticking and glowsticking with strings. Contains bonus footage. For a trailer, go to our official Art of Glowsticking web site.

It did not sell through the original 1000 run, but close enough. We donated a bunch to libraries, some people started to resell Art of Glowsticking on Amazon, and what ultimately happened was that Netflix purchased 50 of them, sales dropped to 0, and now I have a box or two left of 50 comfortably resting in storage. You can find some more info like who was in it on

Here’s a video trailer of it when released in 2006.

The “Art of Glowsticking” DVD Trailer, by Wes Huang

Announcement! Update for October 17th, 2020

One thing I wanted to announce is that I will make the DVD available for free in 2020. I will upload it to Right now there is a problem in that nobody on can access our own Youtube channel because it’s so old that nobody remembers the password. But I’d hate to give that up because there are just so many cool videos on there!