Site is back.

Hey guys, I had a bit of free time and my old hosting company was so old that it’s changing names, so I decided to completely upgrade, backup, fix, and modernize the backend.

I know I haven’t really had the time like I used to spend a lot of time maintaining the site, or go to a lot of “raves” (aka EDM festivals), and in the time that I’ve been offline, the “scene” has grown exponentially, but I couldn’t let all the old-timey fun memories go, even if it was costing a lot of money (and hacking attempts). It turns out that modernizing the infrastructure (cloud-based SSD hosting on DigitalOcean) is going to save a lot of money and time too!

I thought it would be nice to get the forums back online, even if in the past few years Facebook groups have been much more easier and convenient to keep connected. I have also created a Facebook group listing page to help future glowstickers/ glowing object manipulators/whatever.

All of the content, videos, etc was saved, but obviously I need to update and import into wordpress. My goal in the next months (maybe year) is to at least get the all the old stuff on there. My other goal is to offer online viewing of the DVD for free (seriously, hosting content is so much cheaper these days!).

Any of you old time staff members want to help out with updating content, have any ideas, and if you want to report any bugs with the forums, just let me know on Facebook.

Sorry it took a long time! Sometime after I turned 30, I literally had no time to update, but in the years that followed, I  picked up a lot of knowledge that made putting this site up much easier than it  was back then. If you ever want to catch up, let me know!