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Writing tips #1

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For any writer who values the expression of words, writers block is a curse. Its tiring and frustrating and always seems to hit at the worse time.


You can start overcoming writers block by doing a few things.


1. Relax. Take your mind off the project/poem/prose/stories/novel that you're writing.

2. Once relaxed, go get inspired. If you're writing a story that has root in your life, look at pictures from that time in your life. If its a story set in a time period; read more about it, read personal experiences.

3. Think it out. Once you are inspired again. Start thinking about how you want things to flow before you start writing. Its cool to sit in front of the computer or pick up the pen and never stop writing till your tired but sometimes it saves you tapping the delete button or tearing out a page if you draw up a really rough draft in your mind.

4. Make sure that there is no lack of consistency in your story. Keep re reading what you already have to include what you just wrote. Everything must read the way that you would want to read someone elses story, clean, consistent and true to the character in the traits you have created for them thus far.

5. Don't be afraid to stray from something you're already working on. If you're writing a short story but you have an idea that is contrary to the story, write a poem, write some prose. Let it all out.

6. Don't panic. Sometimes depending on what contributed to your writers block, it may take a while for you to come out of it. Don't be hard on yourself. Don't get more angry, its not going to help.

7. Be aware of your skills and your strengths. Know that you are a good writer and at the very least you are willing to learn new things. Experiment with different writing styles, it may be the kick in the ass you need.


I'll leave you with more tips from: University of Illinois Writing department


Happy Writing.



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