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hi i'm a girl

couple problems I'm having

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Originally posted by DJKiddVicious


ya im having trouble w/ my tracing. i just started trying it out and it always feels like im getting tangled up or it doesnt feel smooth enough. im also leading w/ my right hand cause im right handed but when i lead w/ my left it feels really weird to me. is this just something that i can overcome w/ practice? does anyone know of soem good practice moves or routines i could use that r good for newbies like me? peace-Kidd



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Originally posted by Geckoxwithxglowstix

Thats a common problem, people feeling really awkward leading with their recessive hand. My best advice to you(from one freehander to another) is to just practice. With the tracing situation, there really isn't anything more to say other than practice practice practice.

Originally posted by cryingtiger

yeah man, go reaaaally slow so you know what your doin, how your doin it, and how it looks. from that you can sort of alter your moves if you want to....and if you practice enugh, then you could go faster and make it look really smooth.

Originally posted by ChennehCis

Practice leading with your left and whatnot. When practicing, instead of glowsticking normally, focus on the left hand only and smooth it out. I'm sure you'll see results relatively quickly.


Hope that helps,



Originally posted by zero16

especially for tracing you want to try to listen to slower music


like really slow - ambient stuff - no pounding beat just flowing notes.


you would be really surprised how much different music will effect your sticking

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