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What's your status?

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I thought I'd start something in this forum that would be interesting. List things about your military career. What rank your are. What branch. Where you're stationed at. It's list people would be interested to know. I'll start it off to give you an idea.



Branch: Army Reserve. 9 years and running.


Rank: SGT (Sergeant)/ E-5


MOS: 92A (Supply)


Unit: 1/340th Training Support Battalion (TSBN), Arden Hills, MN. 2nd BD, 181 INF DIV


Stationed at Ft. McCoy on active duty as an OC/T (Observer Controller Trainer) but I've been doing OPFOR dressed an insurgent on a training lane that mobilizing soldiers go through. Kinda fun getting thrown to the ground. I'm the best at what I do, with a good Arabic accent to boot. I make my event as realistic as possible.


Any other information about yourself is encouraged.

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