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hi i'm a girl

Footwork, how to, and tips?

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Originally posted by wuzy getn fuzy


ok hey all, i think this might have been an old topic but i can't find it under search, so if it exists still, tell me. but anyway, i was wondering what kind of footwork you guys do, and whether you can give a how to/tips. I try and move around when i'm glowsticking, but i want it to look smooth/springy depending on how i'm glowsticking. any specific steps (and how to's =D) would be good, thanks!


I copied most of the posts that I felt were pretty helpful over but ya'll feel free to discuss more.




Originally posted by style2burn

Footwork is dancing. There really isn't a way to teach it through a forum. It's just something you pick up overtime by dancing a lot.



Here's somethings I do: gliding, house stepping, toprock/uprock (rocking in general)


Dancing is not just limited to your feet, MOVE YOUR BODY. Change your height, crouch, drop to your knees, change up the angles you're facing, loosen up your shoulders, and JUST DANCE.


Originally posted by mixinluv2u

footwork doesn't need to be another dance category (such as gliding, house) added onto glowstikcing.


footwork can be as simple as turning. or just taking steps forward or backwards. or even just bending your knees for level change (standing tall versus bending your knees).


it's really about studying your body movements as a whole. look in the mirror or try different movements combined with different traces or even tosses. video tape all different variations and pick the best ones.


try doing leg or arm traces that isn't just a leg/arm trace. but also includes the rest of your body in one complete movement. experiment.


Originally posted by Bubbavic

here's a couple tips that have helped me.


1) bend your knees slightly. You'll notice it's a lot easier to move back and forth (or side to side) *smoothly if your knees are bent. It also helps free up your upper body (so you can concentrate more on your sticking or whatevers)


2) stay on the balls of your feet (even if you're doing something with the heels always come back to the balls of your feet). A lot of people start out flat footed and that's how you get stuck.


3) think "up". I know it sounds weird but put on some music and do a couple dance moves (c-walk, roger rabbit, whatevers) . If you dance with your energy going upwards (almost like bouncing up) you'll find it's a lot easier than stomping or landing flat-footed. Think about it, if you send all your leg energy downwards it takes just as much energy to move it again. If you're already light on your feet there's little or no energy involved. Sorry this one's hard to explain.


4) don't hesitate. do what comes naturally. Your feet already know how to move. Just let the music do the work and not your brain.


hope that helps. =)

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There's an old zimbabwe proverb: "If you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance".


IMHO, dancing isn't imitating those people you see on TV or trying to figure out what the Wigglewalk really is.


There's no one way that you're supposed to dance, especially with freehanding. You can watch numerous videos and see that in one form or another, theres a bit of dance incorporated.

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