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hi i'm a girl

AIM Quote Thread

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oTaKuLiMiTs (4:48:13 PM): oh yeah that reminds me

oTaKuLiMiTs (4:48:19 PM): rectal probes are a-okay

NatalieFYI (4:48:17 PM): hahah

oTaKuLiMiTs (4:48:27 PM): as long as they're under 6''

NatalieFYI (4:48:26 PM): lol

NatalieFYI (4:48:32 PM): right on!

oTaKuLiMiTs (4:48:40 PM): and less than 2'' in diameter

NatalieFYI (4:48:42 PM): haha

oTaKuLiMiTs (4:49:48 PM): those aliens had these monster probes

oTaKuLiMiTs (4:49:53 PM): it was so irritating

oTaKuLiMiTs (4:50:09 PM): and I dont mean monster as a hyperbole for size

oTaKuLiMiTs (4:50:16 PM): their probe was literally a monster

oTaKuLiMiTs (4:50:21 PM): >_>

NatalieFYI (4:53:15 PM): O_O

NatalieFYI (4:53:18 PM): how so

NatalieFYI (4:53:19 PM): lol

oTaKuLiMiTs (4:53:46 PM): it was a 9 armed blob

oTaKuLiMiTs (4:53:54 PM): with 5 eyes and green "skin"

oTaKuLiMiTs (4:54:01 PM): D:

NatalieFYI (4:54:58 PM): O_O

oTaKuLiMiTs (4:55:56 PM): yeah D:

oTaKuLiMiTs (4:56:00 PM): they called it "Larry"

oTaKuLiMiTs (4:56:05 PM): @_@

NatalieFYI (4:56:29 PM): aim quote thread

oTaKuLiMiTs (4:56:51 PM): lol

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Adrillf (10:43:00 PM): what are you up to?

djgl0w (10:43:03 PM): Stringing

djgl0w (10:43:10 PM): realized i string better listening to gorillaz

Adrillf (10:43:15 PM): oooo the fun and excitment in life

Adrillf (10:43:32 PM): music does have a big influence in how you string, depending on the genre I spin differently

djgl0w (10:43:44 PM): like gorillaz chills me out

djgl0w (10:43:47 PM): i dunno why

Adrillf (10:44:02 PM): to each their own, personally HHC relaxes me

djgl0w (10:44:16 PM): lmao hhc makes me want to hump random things



djgl0w (11:00:25 PM): than like the plur seed grew and a glowstick plopped out my ass

djgl0w (11:00:30 PM): than i was like OMG its a sign


djgl0w (11:06:05 PM): and i explained her that glowsticks have magic powers

djgl0w (11:06:09 PM): she thought i was nuts

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We had 15 people in one room....


MindlessLogic11 (11:15:00 PM): Hahah i was talking about love fest in french class and all my class mates thought it was a gay pride parade or something.

djgl0w (11:15:15 PM): its one big outdoor orgy!

djgl0w (11:15:17 PM): lmao

kuhrayzehidiot (11:15:18 PM): fat 50 year old men naked cookin their hotdogs

SkOoBoY aNdReW 1 (11:15:23 PM): yup

KesianSA (11:15:24 PM): LOL

Greens2Dust (11:15:27 PM): lmao

SkOoBoY aNdReW 1 (11:15:30 PM): during the day it's a big outdoor orgy

SkOoBoY aNdReW 1 (11:15:36 PM): until the after party

KesianSA (11:15:36 PM): that does sound like pride

SkOoBoY aNdReW 1 (11:15:40 PM): then it gets closed doors

Greens2Dust (11:15:45 PM): haha

KesianSA (11:15:45 PM): then its in indoor orgy



MindlessLogic11 (11:42:53 PM): I would let my child look at porn.

Greens2Dust (11:43:08 PM): "Porno Catch Installed"

Macbass89 (11:43:08 PM): together?

MindlessLogic11 (11:43:08 PM): oh wrong box

Macbass89 (11:43:09 PM): haha

Macbass89 (11:43:10 PM): ew

KesianSA (11:43:13 PM): if i found my child screwing a cucumber while looking at loli-shota...

Adrillf (11:43:17 PM): you people make this too easy to quote

KesianSA (11:43:21 PM): i'd buy him something to masturbate with...

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We had 15 people in one room....


same convo

what were we talking about... is your guess


[22:53] Child Narcissus: I want it hard

[22:53] Child Narcissus: I hate it when its' soft

[22:53] Child Narcissus: =[

[22:53] kesianSA: lol shut up

[22:53] oTaKuLiMiTs: quote thread

[22:53] chari3y: man we should quote that

[22:53] chari3y: lol

[22:53] kesianSA: you like it soft

[22:53] Macbass89: truly

[22:53] kesianSA: cause it slides around

[22:53] kesianSA: and is all wiggly

[22:54] Macbass89: hahahahaha

[22:54] MindlessLogic11: i like it when is has egg on it.

[22:54] kesianSA: and it just goes right down

[22:54] MindlessLogic11: and some fish.

[22:54] MindlessLogic11: i slurp it down.

[22:54] Greens2Dust: hahaha

[22:54] Macbass89: its a little too salty for some people's tastes

[22:54] MindlessLogic11: nice and warm

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29 people in chatroom all at once !!!!!!!!!!




(28+star who entered the room after pic was taken)

thanks supraGLOWstring for screenie...


crazy ass chat...



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Wow, you just had to get me on that 28+ people quote didn't you...right when I put the dirty sanchez thingy up...nice

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lol seriously. The timing of the screen is hilarious. You're talking about something related to a dirty sanchez, lilbro is talking about spider webs. hahaha

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Explaining to Adrillf my view on the Gs.C shirts off personal experience


adrillf: I like that one just because of what it says underneath the logo when you look close

djgl0w: but no joke the Dark Tees suck

adrillf: really?

djgl0w: Cuz the image fades after the first wash

djgl0w: the Cheap one

adrillf: gay

djgl0w: its like still fresh

djgl0w: thru many washings

adrillf: hmmmm.... I may have to rethink this, because I know that my origonally hoodie is still good to go, and that's almost 3 years old and the print is still good, so if it's that good with those cheep tees, I may go with them instead

adrillf: now you've made me start thinking

adrillf: I blame you!

djgl0w: cuz no joke

djgl0w: *gets pic

djgl0w: dammit

djgl0w: i dun have a good close up

djgl0w: its like

djgl0w: nothing faded

djgl0w: its BARELY

djgl0w: BARELY fading now a bit

djgl0w: but after like

djgl0w: maybe 20 washings

djgl0w: OMG

djgl0w: i just realized

djgl0w: im wearing the glowstringer Shirt

djgl0w: hahahah


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djgl0w (10:39:00 PM): omg i just realized

djgl0w (10:39:06 PM): u can live Gs.C pract.

Adrillf (10:39:20 PM): yup

Adrillf (10:39:23 PM): head to toe

Adrillf (10:39:30 PM): you can even eat with gs.c

djgl0w (10:39:38 PM): Wall clocks, calenders, journal, mousepad, cups, throw pillows.

djgl0w (10:40:15 PM): how come men cant get a gs.c track suit huh

djgl0w (10:40:19 PM): we wanna be guido too

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KesianSA (11:08:53 PM): it would be nice to have one of those no-effort jobs as a SIDE project

KesianSA (11:09:12 PM): like becoming the coolest new white rapper that raps about... sandwiches and... braces

KesianSA (11:09:20 PM): while making big bucks in something like graphic or web design.

Adrillf (11:09:32 PM): That's where I'm going with the writing minor, so that I can have my normal job and then write on the side

KesianSA (11:09:40 PM): writing would take a bit more effort though

KesianSA (11:09:51 PM): becoming the next big pop icon, i would put maybe... 2 hours a day into it or something

Adrillf (11:10:00 PM): not for me, I like doing it and it goes fast

Adrillf (11:10:17 PM): pop icon.... psh... who wants to be a pop icon?

KesianSA (11:10:19 PM): i love to write but i'm never satisfied with it afterwards... LOL well if you want multi-million dollar mansions...

KesianSA (11:10:53 PM): i'm talking about a job that takes zero effort and yields way more money than it should

Adrillf (11:11:06 PM): but then you need someone to clean them and that just takes more money

KesianSA (11:10:58 PM): writing is honorable

Adrillf (11:11:12 PM): be a drug dealer

Adrillf (11:11:14 PM): that's easy

Adrillf (11:11:16 PM): and it makes you money

KesianSA (11:11:10 PM): but you'll have that money ;D oh. well.


KesianSA (11:11:25 PM): people will ask me in court 'why did you become a drug dealer?'

Adrillf (11:11:38 PM): I don't but the people do

Adrillf (11:11:41 PM): do it for the people

KesianSA (11:11:34 PM): and i'll tell them you gave me job advice when i was a little kid

KesianSA (11:11:45 PM): and that i owe all my success to you

Adrillf (11:11:55 PM): Just as long as I get 5% of everything you make

KesianSA (11:12:06 PM): and also that we have an illegal offshore bank account that i put money into for your use

KesianSA (11:12:17 PM): (which will further incriminate you)

KesianSA (11:12:27 PM): and then we can share a jail cell together.

KesianSA (11:12:33 PM): that's living on the TAX PAYERS money.

Adrillf (11:12:43 PM): do it in Sweden, too many people do it in Swiss banks now days

KesianSA (11:12:39 PM): daaaamn.

Adrillf (11:12:54 PM): hey, we could hold jail cell raves!

KesianSA (11:12:52 PM): that would be so wrong

Adrillf (11:13:19 PM): as opposed to everything else in this conversation?

KesianSA (11:13:33 PM): they'd be hardstyle hardstyle hardstyle terrorcore angerfist speedcore gay dropping the soap in the shower being super buff bashing people around fisting glowstick insertion etc etc etc

KesianSA (11:13:47 PM): that is a tad more wrong than most of what we have been talking about

KesianSA (11:14:07 PM): oh and there'd be about 10 deaths per rave by shankification

Adrillf (11:14:29 PM): .....

KesianSA (11:14:23 PM): the beef in the air would be so thick you could chew it

KesianSA (11:14:55 PM): should i stop recounting my prison rave experienc---i mean, um, speculations?

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KesianSA (11:16:20 PM): this has been one of my rather brilliant moments =D

KesianSA (11:17:13 PM): i personally think you handled the situation very well

Adrillf (11:17:42 PM): I do what I can

Adrillf (11:18:02 PM): you also have to realize that you're talking to the person that invented the 'bash your head into the keyboard' thread

KesianSA (11:18:34 PM): yes i do not think i would have been capable of that stroke of brilliance without a mind such as yours running along beside me

KesianSA (11:19:06 PM): hehehe

Adrillf (11:19:16 PM): I don't run, my brain walks at the speed of an old grandpa

KesianSA (11:19:29 PM): those old grandpas are always limping but at night when you don't see them they are freaking spry old ninjas

Adrillf (11:20:17 PM): sword canes are only the beggining, you should see what I hide in the walker

KesianSA (11:20:29 PM): what, baby fetuses?

KesianSA (11:20:37 PM): :X

Adrillf (11:20:47 PM): if you only knew

KesianSA (11:20:45 PM): i could take a gander

KesianSA (11:20:53 PM): we could make it into a gameshow

KesianSA (11:20:58 PM): and everytime i got the wrong answer

KesianSA (11:21:04 PM): we'd have a cinematic

KesianSA (11:21:17 PM): someone would be killed by whatever was in the walker at the time of the question

KesianSA (11:21:25 PM): but it would be censored

KesianSA (11:21:32 PM): so you'd see them before, and after

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tonight is just a good night for quotes


ScArLeT PiXiE87 (11:32:40 PM): i hate it when guys wear more make up than me

Adrillf (11:32:52 PM): me too

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[20:14] *** djgl0w has left the chat

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Guest Duck
[20:23] couple of towers: I never wanna be in any quote threads...they're horrible when I'm in it

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AzrielaDolet: you guys have all the fun

II u4ia II: lol psh

II u4ia II: we never have people

AzrielaDolet: good djs always want to go where its warm

AzrielaDolet: lol

II u4ia II: we have tiesto in 2 or 3 weeks

II u4ia II: but its his album tour, and his album sucks, so im not expecting much

AzrielaDolet: feck

AzrielaDolet: lol

II u4ia II: hopefully he doesnt whore his album out

II u4ia II: knowing tiesto he will

AzrielaDolet: you know he will

II u4ia II: prolly just play his cd

AzrielaDolet: O:-)

AzrielaDolet: he'll probably just put his cd on....and take away everyone's sticks

AzrielaDolet: and not do anything else

AzrielaDolet: go home and sleep or something

AzrielaDolet: lol

II u4ia II: lol

II u4ia II: pvd hates sticks not tiesto

II u4ia II: :P

AzrielaDolet: well...his album is bad....and that's I'm expecting a change

AzrielaDolet: lol

AzrielaDolet: I HAVE PVD

II u4ia II: lol

AzrielaDolet: *hate

II u4ia II: have? or hate

AzrielaDolet: HATE

AzrielaDolet: lol

II u4ia II: haha, pvd is still one of the best dj's in the world

AzrielaDolet: doesn't it sound like a disease.....?

II u4ia II: no matter what his believes

II u4ia II: beliefs

AzrielaDolet: " omg......i have smoething to tell you...since I was 10 I've had PVD....its been so hard...keeping it from you still love me?

AzrielaDolet: hahaha

II u4ia II: LOL

AzrielaDolet: I love his music

II u4ia II: :// AzrielaDolet: I just hate that he doens't love sticks

II u4ia II: i was thereeeee wooo

II u4ia II: i just love how ferry always has fun

II u4ia II: hes always into the crowd and the vibe

II u4ia II: always smiling

AzrielaDolet: its because he's dancerbating

II u4ia II: yep

II u4ia II: sounds fun to me

AzrielaDolet: it is

AzrielaDolet: you should try it

II u4ia II: i need help

AzrielaDolet: come to april meet.....

AzrielaDolet: lol

II u4ia II: lolll

AzrielaDolet: though i don't know who will help you out...but i'm sure you'll get the hang of it

II u4ia II: haha

AzrielaDolet: lol

AzrielaDolet: totally quoteable

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(10:14:55 PM) EpsilonKias0: I talked not about gay porn tonight.

(10:14:56 PM) EpsilonKias0: Till now.

(10:15:04 PM) KaelGotRice: ghey

(10:15:05 PM) oTaKuLiMiTs entered the room.

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RaverKrispy: Misty, you can be in it

RaverKrispy: be lesbian with me!2

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RaverKrispy (0:33:57): we can suck together

dj sparr0w (0:33:59): yes we do

oTaKuLiMiTs (0:34:02): LOL

oTaKuLiMiTs (0:34:04): quote thread

RaverKrispy (0:34:07): I have a feeling that might get quoted

RaverKrispy (0:34:09): NO!

dj sparr0w (0:34:10): a trial of errors indeed

childnarcissus (0:34:12): I suck too

childnarcissus (0:34:13): lets go =D

childnarcissus (0:34:18): I've been trying halo 2 on legendary

childnarcissus (0:34:22): fucking die in 2 hits bullshit :-(

dj sparr0w (0:34:25): please let's suck together

RaverKrispy (0:34:27): BULL SHIT

oTaKuLiMiTs (0:34:29): lol that's why it's legendary

childnarcissus (0:34:29): but i'm progressing slowly =D

RaverKrispy (0:34:32): yes, lets SUCK

dj sparr0w (0:34:38): that's hot

Greens2Dust (0:34:39): LOL

RaverKrispy (0:34:41): TO-GET-ER

childnarcissus (0:34:45): lets suck



djsparr0w = Misty

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