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Muchoo, respecto.



Ultra Circles <<


Imagiine's Aquatic Wonderland.






♫♪𓲠ð“¬ð“ªð“·ð“½ ð“¯ð“®ð“®ð“µ ð“¶ð”‚ ð“¯ð“ªð“¬ð“® ð”€ð“±ð“®ð“· ð“²ð“¶ ð”€ð“²ð“½ð“± ð”‚ð“¸ð“¾ ♪♫♪

but ii Lâ£VE it,







its ahmayziiing.

Life is, :: 3

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: 0 AWW

♡ ♡ ♡




toteemmm D ::

fell apart, because im lerrniing.

festivals are alot and completely rewarding but id rather vip, squahd.

diirrty ratchet trap fest.

people got huuuurt. stolen from and panda panda panda. BAD PANDA.

I understand the risk is run, but WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING THEM !?

The idea, the venue for imagine has such potential.

Really it was amazing, woulda been better without the headliners.



DOOMSDAY really ahh.

fuuuuuuhk. Really it melted my reality a bit. With an Aquatic wonderland having an Incindia stage WITH BURNING PROPANE ABOVE YOU and hot mist. It was. whooo it was. Real, Fun. whooo.

Grammatik was mezmerizing at best all way out in right field, in the cool breeze,

passed the girl who got mowed tf down by somebody driving a something,

whyy is it soo hard, to pray outloud?

them sparkaly colored boys and the man had this poi that looked like the north star. JD. POPpET Wherevereth thou travels now waving around dank rainbows ☆.☆ i can go on and on.

All the videos i didnt take because im selfishh. and unprepared.

How beautiful, every breath.. Every tap kick and wobble transitional track and step, in tune.

i want to show you the colors in my... kandi, that i flipped.

and the ghetto goldfish i met swimming around in the pool :: 3

so fkn cool, how it works out.

and ill just share this here with you, because you understand. How Graand. This Lliiffee, fam.




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