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Where are the parties in NYC? The rave culture thing is underground... Should this be in the Newbie Forum? Sorry. Nobody posts parties here anymore? I don't know where to get flyers, someone told me facebook but I don't really know what to look for. I am new to the area. Can you help?

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NYC! Cool man,

Im going to Atlanta GA, August.

THats the south.xD

Although, i could see how this place would be awesome for getn the word out about real raves ;; ) My husband and I used to throw some killer parties, but.. Ill save that story.

Speaking of parties..

I want to make a GSC jelly fish totem to rock at Imagiine,

Is that appropriate?? Can I do that?? Do i need permission??

I still want t-shirts toooo.

but $$$, i loathe $$$ deeply, Though I will buy THE SHIRT.

because this Osho.


From 2008,


just how old is the site? not to mention the Art itself..

Everybody here knows/knew each other in person.


is magical.

GSC <3

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