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Dreamstate SoCal & Possible Meet-Up

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So it seems there will be quite a number of GSCers flocking to SoCal in a few weeks for Insomniac's first all trance event, Dreamstate.  :gsc:


We were thinking that it would be a nice opportunity to get some footage and release some new content as well as get a group photo!  So far, we're thinking the back left of the room will be the best place during the event for a gathering spot all night.  :welcome: I'll post more details later about what time we should do a group photo so everyone can aim to be there.


But, we were also thinking of having a daytime meet-up somewhere before or after the event so we can exchange pleasantries and catch up with everyone and possibly get food afterwards.


After speaking with a few of you guys, it seems that Sunday after Dreamstate would be the best day.  Would anyone be opposed to this idea? 

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Sounds blissful,




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