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Who listens?


And if not, why?


If so, favorites?


I LOVE liquid DnB, breaks, minimal, electro house, goa psytrance, and space dreams(for falling asleep).


It's just a seemingly endless amount of awesome edm 24/7. Even if you don't like edm, there is something for everybody on there. Club hits, European hits, Russian club beats, pretty much every genre.

I have premium. Its so worth it, for non-stop, epic dance music with NO commercials. Damn Home Depot ads pissed me off something fierce. Seriously, tune in if you have not already.

Will not be disappointed.

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Coming back after so long to let us know about this... It must really be as badass as you say. Will check it out. Thanks man.

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I listen.

What's it called?

I need music download programs.

I usually just use Pandora.




Glitch Hop, Electro house, dnb, Chillstep, big room ♡ Klaypexx ♡ Nightcore is fun, because its already the songs I love just faster. Hardstyle I like, but if I listen for too long it hurts my brain. Gabber is INsane. Russian club music is awesome. Sat next to a Russian kid Dubrovnik? On a bus one time who had some sweeeet mixs on An IPAD thing..

Trap is hostiIle lol. So can some real dirty beats. They get your adrenaline going in a not so feely way.

Trance and Techno. Melbourne Bounce.

Are so fun, like Happy hardcore. Just fun xD ♡

There really is somthing for everybody.

All genres. I'll listen to anything. And i love live, on the spot creations. Whether good or bad.

:: )

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