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CMON Florida! (aka A Great Big Competition Drama Thread)

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Instead of determining whos right or wrong on a subject we should state our opinions in a more mature manner. let whoever respond and if you dont like it well whats the harm? If someone wishs to go out and have their fun how they wish who is anyone to stop them or judge them? This is a community not a place for fighting, period



Yes. we are not your one is stoping anyone.

but this is our sanctuary

and to keep our sanctuary, we have rules for a reason. just like any system


you think you guys are the only ones that have questioned us? iv seen countless people bring up the same topic every year.

and they all either end badly and dissapear, so please... take your battling mobo jombo some place else. is a place for people who want to learn and not be peer pressured into doing anything..

if you want to push people around to make them "better" then join another dance community and let me kno how that turns out..

cause the last time i checked, i personally seen a few people become depressed and even commit suicide when you push someone so far...


ALSO to whats his face...

its FRANKIE BONES! not freddy, .. i think you need to relearn your history of PLUR, i dont even believe in it even i know its frankie bones.


this is what GSC in Florida was when i visited back in 2008, people have fun, not battling each other. not judging each other on who's moves are better.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.