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Rainbow Wall Tutorial

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01. Start off by arranging your rainbow wall consisting of 8-14 sticks and two 54" shoelaces


02. Once you have your sticks arranged, start with the bottom stick, and grab one of your strings


03. lace one end of the string through the loop of the stick going left


04. lace the other end of the string through the loop of the stick going right


05. now pull the ends of the string until you have a small loop ensnaring the stick


06. make sure you have equal lengths of the string on each side


07. Now decide wether you want to make "whips":

where the sticks are end on end (this will make the rainbow wall very rope-like)


08. or if you want to make "sabers":

where the butt of the above stick, lays beside the stick below it (this makes the rainbow walls more stiff)


09. Once you have all the sticks laced up, make sure you tie the ends together


10. A finished whip design should look like this


11. A finished saber design should look like this


12. The final step is fastening the sticks in place. If you use tape, make sure it is strong enough to handle

some abuse and re-positioning (tape will prevent you from doing wraps);

Alternatively you can use rubber bands to secure the sticks and this WILL allow you to do wraps


13. Get creative with your color patterns, it doesn't always have to be a rainbow or chakras


14. You can also stack the rainbow walls into duo-stacks and tri-stacks


15. Get out there and string to your heart's content!! =D

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