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Practice Vid

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So it's been ages since I practice/make a video, but here it is. First half's freehand, second's shuffling, just in case. Sorry about all the cuts and that, but video was pretty long so I had to shorten it up. Apologies on the mistakes beforehand.



(couldn't really see the youtube vid thing, so here's the link)

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first off,

wow! I wish i could do backhand stalls like you

how long did it take you to get it that smooth?

that stuff is awesome!


your heli toss to elbow catch at 00:50 was sick

as well as a good portion afterwards, it's all great stuff


I like that you're constantly in motion as well, it says alot about how far the art has come since we all used to stand still like statues


Loved the shuffling, I can only do like basic steps and turns so I can't really critique on it much, I'm still a noob at most dances (that's all my wife's field)


Overall it's a wonderful video man, really glad to see you posting again =D

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Lockshot,Suzume. /(*.*)

I really love that video !

That shuffle step doe.

Ya'll are awesome.

This is my first gloww video.

I thought it only appropriate that it go here first. plz be gentle.

Sorry for the Crap quality.

Gotta do what u gotta do.




OH and, I was thinking. Why doesn't GSC host it's own videos?

I think that would help alot.

If it works that way.



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