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A tutorial- How to record videos onto your computer using an Xbox360 Kinect

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Since I have to hold my camera to take a recording, and I usually practice alone, I was forced to find other ways to film my practice sessions. Luckily I have an Xbox360 Kinect, and I found a roundabout way of recording footage from my kinect onto my computer. It basically involves using the Video Kinect app to start a video chat with a spare Windows Live Messenger ID logged into the computer, and then using video capture software to record the chat, but here are some more detailed instructions I wrote out in tutorial format:

Equipment needed:

Xbox360 (with hard drive), connected to a high-speed internet connection

Xbox Gold Membership

Kinect Sensor

Computer, connected to a high-speed internet connection

A dummy/spare Windows Messenger Account

Windows Live Messenger

Screen capture software


1. Create a dummy Windows Live account for free on

*Go to and click on "Sign in" in the top right-hand corner.

*Click on the "Sign Up" button under the "Don’t have a Windows Live ID?" on the left-hand side of the page.

*Create your dummy Windows Live ID to use on messenger.


2. Download and install Windows Live Essentials by going to: https://www.microsof...s.aspx?id=29230

*Note: If you don't choose "Customize" it will download the whole suite, which includes about 6 programs you may or may not want.


3. Open and log into Windows Live Messenger (WLM) using your gamertag, and click the person icon with a green plus in the top right to add your dummy account.

*Select add a friend, type in the email address you just created, and hit next twice. It should say "You've added", if it does hit close.


4. Log your gamertag out of WLM by clicking your name in the top left and choosing "Sign out from everywhere".


5. Log back into WLM with your dummy account you just created. If this account isn't already friends with your gamertag repeat the friend adding process, this time inviting your gamertag to be a friend of your dummy account.


6. Once your 2 accounts are connected sign into Xbox live on your Xbox with your Gold Membership gamertag.


7. Go to the "Social" tab (where you can see your avatar), and select the second box down on the left, "Social Apps". Select and download "Video Kinect".


8. Launch Video Kinect from Social Apps. Select "Messenger Sign-In">"Sign In">"View Contacts".


9. You should see your dummy account. Scroll down to your dummy account and select it. You should be back on the "View Contacts" menu, and you should now see your dummy account.


10. Select the dummy account, choose "Add text", type out any message, and send it. You should receive the message on the computer. (For some reason, at least on my setup, I can't initiate a video chat without sending an instant message first. It may be because of my privacy settings, but I already attempted to adjust those on both accounts. If anyone has any idea why it won't let me start a video chat without sending an IM first, please let me know. :/ ) At this point choose "Invite contact". It should "call" the dummy account on your computer, and your computer will actually start ringing, lol. You should get a prompt to accept a video chat on the messenger on the computer. Accept the chat, and it should begin the video feed.


11. Hit the X button (the blue button) on your Xbox controller to turn "Auto-zoom" off, or the Kinect will constantly try to zoom in on your face.


12. Load up your screen-capture software, and under one of the options sub menus find and turn on the option to minimize the program when you start recording (In Cam Studio it's Options>Program Options>Minimize program on start recording) .

*Note: I'm using "Cam Studio" for now; it's free, and seems to work well so far. You should be able to google it to find a download, but you download any files at your own risk. If you don't want to use Cam Studio, any other screen capture software will work, but keep in mind you'll want a program capabling of capturing a decently high resolution video. Also, if anyone knows of better screen recording software that is free or inexpensive, please let me know. :)


13. Fullscreen your video chat (by clicking the link in the top right corner), and click "Close IM" to hide the instant message bar.


14. Hold Alt and keep pressing Tab until you get to screen capture software.


15. Press Record, and the screen capture software should minimize and start recording, leaving only the video feed from the kinect on the screen.


16. Move in front of the sensor and start glowstringing! :3


17. When you're done go to the computer and stop the recording. If you're using Cam Studio you can do this by finding the icon for Cam Studio in your notification area at the bottom right, right clicking on it, and selecting "Stop". It should play the video you just captured, and if you like it you can save it.

*Note: It will save as an AVI, but if you download a file converter you should be able to convert it to just about any file format. I generally just use Youtube Downloader and Converter since I already downloaded it to grab Youtube videos, but Xilisoft is more recommended. (Converts both audio and video, and has a lot more file formats to choose from).



Note: I don't have a mic for my computer right now, so I can't record sound along with the videos, but when I get a mic I will add how to record audio also.




If anything is wrong or needs to be added, please let me know! Constructive criticism is always appreciated. :3


Thanks to Rorok for recommending Xilisoft. :)



Just in case, because something is bound to go wrong, lol



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I'll have to try this sometime, i never found use for my kinect, this may be a better reason to start using it lol.


Also note: If anyone doesnt want to use the youtube converter, i recommend using Xilisoft (Just google it). Video/audio converter. Does a lotttttttt, and has tons of file formats.

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I know how you feel about the kinect. Unless you really like one of the dance games the options are really limited right now. I'm really excited for the release of Fable: The Journey though (Fable for Kinect). Everyone wants to shit all over it because they hated Fable 3, but I think it has a lot of potential to be an awesome game. It will be the first fully motion-controlled RPG, and if done right could be mind-blowingly amazing, so I'm staying very hopeful that will be the result, lol. Although I also really enjoy Child of Eden. It's an amazing visual-musical experience that is hard to describe honestly. Not to get distracted, lol. (I'm easily distra-ooh shiny! XP) Perhaps I should start an Xbox360 game thread of some sort.


But back on point, thanks for pointing out that converter, I'll go ahead and add it to the tutorial. ;)

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Yeah definitely, i payed the free kinect game i got, i dont even video kinect with anyone, i was on the verge of selling mine. I may now have some sweet use for it. And def start up a thread.

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