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So I found some super bright 10mm component led bulbs- 190,000mcd

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I found them on Ebay. The item number for the red bulbs is 390225758023, but the guy has various colors.


Here's the description:



"5 PCS 10mm 40° 0.5W 5-Chips Red LED 100mA 190,000mcd"


Long lasting (Last up to 100000hours)

Low Power Consumption

Intensely Bright

Low Forward Voltage Operated

Instant Light (Less than 100ns)


Source Material:AlGaInP!

Emitting Colour: 10mm 40° 0.5 Watt 5-Chips RED LED

LENS Type:Water clear

Luminous Intensity-MCD: Min: 180,000mcd Max: 220,000 mcd

Reverse Voltage:5.0 V

DC Forward Voltage: Typical: 2.0 V Max: 2.4V

DC Forward Current:100mA

Viewing Angle:40 degree

Lead Soldering Temp:260°C for 5 seconds

Intensely Bright


Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta=25°C



Items Symbol Absolute maximum Rating Unit

Power Dissipation PD 500 mW

Forward Current(DC) IF 100 mA

Peak Forward Current* IFP 150 mA

Reverse Voltage VR 5 V

Operation Temperature Topr -40~85 ℃

Storage Temperature Tstg -10~100 ℃

Lead Soldering Temperature Tsol Max.260°C for 5 sec Max. (3mm from the base of the epoxy bulb)

  • Electrical/Optical Characteristics at Ta=25°C

Items Symbol Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit

Forward Dissipation VF IF=100mA 2.0 / 2.4 V

Reverse Current(DC) IR VR=5V / / 10 uA

Dominant Wavelength XY IF=100mA 620 / 630 nm

Luminous Intensity IV IF=100mA 180,000 / 220,000 mcd

50% Power Angle △θ IF=100mA 35 / 45 deg



Is there any reason why these bulbs wouldn't work for led glowsticks? (Like they'd burn through batteries too quick, or get too hot?)

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larger bulbs can heat up, but usually give them a break after 5-10 min.s of use


also sometimes the bulb itself can't get squeezed inside a stick (altho you can always modify the stick to help them fit)


I'd also suggest messing around with superflux LEDs (

They aren't as bright, but are still pretty versatile =D

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