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2012 Extreme Glow Coupon Code?

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anyone have it? alot of the codes posted on gsc/online don't seem to be working. D:

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I searched around the web for a bit and found a little bit of info. I've yet to give them a call. I'm not sure if this is helpful, but here is what I found:

I found this info regarding Extreme Glow Coupon codes posted on Extreme Glow's facebook-


"Coupon Codes for

by Extreme Glow on Monday, July 18, 2011 at 9:36am ·


Hey EG fans! Thanks for coming to our page and checking us out. We like to use our FB page and Twitter stream to keep you guys informed on important issues like new products, special deals, and other exciting happenings around our little corner of the internet. We know that one major reason you've decided to "like" our page has to do with saving money and coupon codes and who can blame you? Saving money is awesome!


We issue coupon codes through Facebook and Twitter on a semi-regular basis. Many times we'll put out a new code as we hit a big mark for fans but sometimes we like to throw them out randomly as a "thank you" to our customers. While the code is active, we'll post reminders on our wall so that anyone coming to our page to look for a code will find information about that pretty easily. If you don't see any information on our wall about a code we most likely aren't running anything coupons, however we always run 4-5 great items on our monthly special and 1 super deal of the week.


While coupon codes are exciting the Deal of the Week and the Monthly Special discounts far exceed most coupon discounts in terms of overall savings. For example, if our LED Mouthpieces are normally $0.90ea and we run a $0.65ea flat rate special that's almost 40% off regular price! That's a pretty dramatic example but we promise that all weekly and monthly specials will exceed the 5-10% you save with a coupon code.


As always, feel free to post any questions or comments you'd like and we'll get back with you as soon as possible. These social networking sites are a great way for us to stay in touch with you and for you to get timely feedback from us."



I also found these coupon codes:

INSTANT - 25% off RABBIT, JESTER, and SWAYSTICK products only (they're novelty products, not glowsticks)

GLOW - Get 5% off on CYALUME 5 minute ultras.

BMNEG07 - 10% off

BMNEG09 - 10% off

bmneg08 - 10% off


I was going to test the codes, but (and I know this sounds really stupid) I couldn't find the box to apply it to the items I had in the cart (16 cyalume 5-minute ultras). The code in blue was activated few days ago per extreme glow's facebook page, but it's not even for anything glowstick/glowstringing related. I'm curious if trying the code "BMNEG12" would work, but probably not. Sorry if that wasn't really helpful, but that was all I could find. :/

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rats... i just tried them all and the only one that worked at all was GLOW. saved me a total of 80 cents lol :X thanks though.

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