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Rechargable glow sticks-would this idea work?

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I'm pretty sure I got the inspiration for this idea by reading something on these forums, but I don't recall from who or when. The verdict at the time was that the glow powder did not glow brightly enough to be able to use for glowstringing, but a while back when I was researching I discovered a company had developed a new, brighter powder:


that may actually work for such a purpose. When I was researching I also found someone had already started creating glow sticks similar to what I had in mind, but instead of using glowstick shells, he was using clear tritium vials. Here's the page with his design:




Would this new glow powder actually be bright enough to use in clear tubes for glowstringing? It's really just a ponderance for me at this point, I have limited finances and have yet to start work on my leds (but plans to start them soon hopefully, yay! ^_^); but I wanted to put the thought out there in case anybody thought it was interesting.


Oh yeah, here's video of a guy doing a review of the same ultra-bright glow powder that I found on youtube a while ago:


So what do you guys think?

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