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I listen to the hiss of the world. A static frequency that resonates from the walls. It reverberates within me. A chill flows from my neck down my spine as i revel in the resonance of the world. It stops. Once again the static fades. Time goes on and the world continues forward. I look around, am i the only one that feels this sensation? Days go on and I continue to hear the hiss. This sound changes, as do the sensations that accompany it.


Winds, voices, static, whispers. I hear it within all these sounds. Its soothing. Often an awesome bliss overcomes me. I drown in it. Slowly it pulls me away. I get lost sometimes. I look to find myself dumbfounded and usually in an awkward situation followed by the statement "what was i doing?"


Its like something is calling me. The universe is beckoning to come back or go out. I dont know what its saying, but i feel like its message is gravely important. Perhaps I'm on the verge of an omnipotent awakening. Or perhaps I am just paying to much attention to my senses.


I must be dreaming. Or, am I waking up?

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