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Spin your "fyrflyz"!

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So I don't really watch TV at all but I had a bowl of vanilla ice cream and I always like eating in front of some sort of screen for some reason, because for..... ANYWAY, So the show I was watching ended, so I flipped two channels down to Nickelodeon hoping for some spongebob because we all know spongebob rules. ^^, And I arrive in the middle of a commercial for this toy called "fyrflyz" or something. What it was though was what appeared to be two microlights on a string that little like 10 years olds were spinning around to make flower patterns. I was like totally confused... They were advertizing ORBITS on Nickelodeon! I flipped up and down a channel to confirm I was on the channel I thought I was on and indeed I was.


Here it is:


Any thoughts? I thought it was quite interesting myself. Never seen anything like that on TV.... Then again I'm the one who still watches Spongebob. ; )



BTW: This is my first new topic ever so I'm sorry If I didn't do this right. (>_<)

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Fyrfyrfyrfly, fyrfyrfly!


Meh, just like those site that sell pre made gloves, but now it's just a commercialized orbit/al.

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well we can finally add orbits to the long list of ass-ugly marketing whoring out our art

in the past three years alone we've seen it happen to:

freehanding (miyachi)

contact juggling (fushigi)

shuffling (that fucking song...)

LED Gloves (can be won at arcades for tickets now)

Now, orbits (fyrflyz)

and although i've yet to see a commercial for it,

poi (music videos, dj hero, etc.)

i have also seen led-poi sold in toy stores with "educational" DVDs


and people wonder why we bitch at them about glowsticking in public.... cuz crap like this happens lol


BTW your post is fine, congrats on your first thread!!

and dont feel bad man i watch nickelodeon and CN all the time still =P


the only positive i see out of this, is that orbits will be very easy to get now, won't even have to build them

(think, the rise and boom of LED-glove popularity, just compressed for time)

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... what the actual fuck?




and nah, Justin, your thread is fine-- thanks for sharing <3 just moved to "The Others" because it's about orbits, not sticks.

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