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Numark NS6 review.

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Ok so after alot of debate on buying another USB controller i purchased the NS6 by numark thinking that the NS7FX was a great controller wich i loved. Well i was sadly disappointed with this device and here ill list some of the pro's and con's of what i have found through my personal use with it. I have been djing for quite a few years now on Vinyl.



1) Ok so the built in FX is a great thing makes for alot of options

2) Serato ITCH is pretty damned good makes it so even a dummy can do it.

3) Pitch bend and range control makes it easier to mix even the oddest combinations of dance



1) if you have scartch mode enables even the slightest touch on the platter will halt the track can be bad if your in the midst of a mix.

2) The strip search is very iffy doesnt work all the time.

3) The power input for this device is very tiny and breaks super easily ( my buds did it not mine FYI)

4) And my biggest problem with this device would be with the touch sensitive platter, Doesnt matter if scratch is on or not half the time it wont register a touch on the

platter it self wich is quite infuriating.


Ok so in summary i'll tell you this much mine is sitting on the shelf and collecting dust chalked up as a thousand dollar mistake. the NS7FX is way better that this USB controller. so if your looking into it id think twice. Numark normally has good products and I'm not hating on Numark for this one it just should've better than what it is.

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