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[Video] Thor's 1 month vid

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Name: Thor's 1 month vid

Category: 2011 Glowstringing Videos

Date Added: 07 July 2011 - 12:06 AM

Submitter: Thor3

Short Description: one month at stringing


one month yeah...what do you guys think?


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for 1 month you are doing a great job. you have a lot of things i didn't have, keep up the good work. i still can't do catch link orbitals. (^.^) my biggest suggestion is to slow down your pace. This will help you smooth out your flow, and prevent you from losing balance, and reduce the impact of a stray nut shot. IMO, it looks better too.


it looks like you have forward and reverse 3 beat, and basic bth, you should try out full fountains, and archer fountains. You have all the pre-reqs for it, now it's just a matter of connecting them together. You also seem to have buzz saw down, work on transitioning from forward to reverse. Try to start playing with stalls, flowers, and BTB. These moves take time to develop, and will improve all your other moves. They also open a monstrous amount of things to play with.


hope this helps, keep up the great work :)


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I liked when you added the extensions into your weave. I think you should work on those more, since you obviously have the space to do so.


I agree with Dan about slowing your pace slightly, but it's purely personal preference. Overall I think your doing well for a month, especially with the BTB wallplane 2beat & some of your wraps off the legs/foot. It's good to have an understanding of anything BTB so early. Here's a challenge for you, try doing that same BTB 2beat on the otherside of your body still spinning the same direction & then tada you got a BTB fountain.


Expand on your wraps more... you can wrap off all different parts of the body....neck(can be scary at first, especially with the speed your spinning) knee, biceps, btb off the arm/leg, etc., etc.

AND you can try starting wrap combos out of your butterfly instead of always out of same direction split-time, just for some variety. Which will inevitably result in different combos you create yourself.


Another suggestion would be to try different combinations of what you know, you basically have one combo that you start off with everytime. But that can be expected so early into your stringing.


Again good job, everything above was intended as constructive not a bashing.


P.S. Those lightning bugs were F'ing with me :lol:

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