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[Video] Gloves Tutorial II

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Name: Gloves Tutorial II

Category: Gloves

Date Added: 13 May 2011 - 11:13 AM

Submitter: Ph0toN

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By Rage - 03.08.09 GLOVES TUTORIAL II COVERED IN THIS SECTION: +Splitting/Cross Eyed Moves +My bootleg/easy version of liquiding for you to practice +Conjuring/Introducing How to Use Conjuring Elements w/ non conjuring lights +Tracing? +My amazing haircut (it's distracting, I know.) Keep in mind that gloves it's a bit more difficult to teach just because it is all about style and less about "moves" persay. TEXT SUMMARY: -Conjuring can be studied in depth here: -My conjuring is terrible. Sue me. -Liquid is a good staple thing to fall back on, but don't do it for too long at a time. It takes time to make it look passable. -Use freehanding elements in your gloving! Go to the freehand forum NOW. -Tracing can be done on anything above the waste. Make the lightshowee's (lol) eyes follow your gloves. -NOTE: Updated Key Terms ORIGINAL THREAD:


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