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[Video] Gloves Tutorial I

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Name: Gloves Tutorial I

Category: Gloves

Date Added: 13 May 2011 - 11:12 AM

Submitter: Ph0toN

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By Rage - 02.06.09 My message to another person, who yet again, has not taken the time to read any of my responses: --- Dear (personwhoIwillprotectbecauseIhavesomedignity): It's not like I've never been to a rave before - let's get that out of the way. I bought those lights to see if I actually wanted to do gloves, which after I made my last "tutorial", I decided not to pursue it anymore. It's so ironic, but the fact that everyone is flames these videos and shit is proof that the gloving community (if you can even call it a community) is not even close to being rooted in the "PLUR" that ravers claim they know. Isn't it ironic that people criticize instead of constructive criticism? Go to if you want to see what advancing an art looks like. My favorite part is people who would tell me what to do, but at the same time they have nothing posted to back up themselves. At least I've put myself out there, and in fact HAVE inspired some type of change in this art. Hell, somebody actually took the time to post up good tutorials. I have acknowledged in past posts that these tutorials are shit. People are oblivious, seeking attention in order to make themselves feel better. Again, I know my videos suck. I could care less. Some company sent me a free light-up t-shirt and offered to sponsor me. Is it because my tutorials suck? No. It's because I tried to change a hobby into something more inclusive. I could care less about hits to my videos. Whatever. Watch and laugh if you want, I really don't care. I'll repeat myself again, I have already acknowledged that my videos suck. Why do you think I keep video responses of better tutorials on the videos? And now I've wasted a good 10 minutes explaining my videos to yet another oblivious person who, coincidentally, has no videos of them giving lightshows at all. -Richard


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