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[Video] How To Freestyle and Listen To Beats

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Name: How To Freestyle and Listen To Beats

Category: General Dancing

Date Added: 12 May 2011 - 06:37 PM

Submitter: Ph0toN

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By Muzicsoulrhythm. and Just a few tips i had about freestyle and just making up moves. I'm sure this might help some peeps in the freestyle dept. if your just starting out. Hmmm its something i had to learn on my own because i use to never listen to the music when i dance. I also just did a popping routine, like a wave or something. Now, when i dance i listen to the music and when i say that i also mean the lyrics. When your freestyle and you listen to the lyrics it helps you be more creative and interpretive. Thats when dance chang'd for me. My last words for tonight and when you interpretive, express something through your movements and the way you step. You'll realize that its not just dancing, its letting your mind move your body in a constant flow...i'm high off dance. Again sorry for the hideous quality. Im OUT! Pe@ce! Sean


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