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Hi all, I am working on a penspinning collaboration video and I was wondering if I could have some help from the Freehanders here at gsc.


So basically I really like the ideas and the moves here and think it could further and help develop our community, our ideals and our tricks further.


So what I want really, is a few videos, anybody can submit, and I'm working on a collaboration video of penspinning. I'm hoping to include a few videos of free handing with "pens" as a way to push a new concept in penspinning like isolation and non-spin tricks. The video will be about 7 minutes long and feature penspinning uploaded to youtube sometime around the middle of February or after I am done editing this.


So basically here are the requirements.


You must use a pen / marker.

ABOUT 10 -35 seconds in length.

I would like some isolation, I'm not really looking for body tracing, but anti spins and hybrids of that would be very nice, a lot of hand dexterity and hand patterns.



Videos need to be submitted by the 1st of February to my email.

Please include the name you would like to receive credit for in your email.


I really like the ideas behind freehand glowsticking and many of the moves you guys preform are nothing like we do in penspinning (and look as if they could be somewhat easily transfered.)

I'm hoping through this video I can help widen the minds of some of my fellow pen spinners. Plus it should be fun for you guys as well.



I'm really hoping for a few submitions and wish you all luck with your gsing ;].

If anybody is up for this and wants more information feel free to shoot me an email, Videos are due by the 1st and anybody can submit... =]


Thx for your time.


Here is the thread over at UPSB for date extensions or changes in planning. .

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