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in the loneliest corner of my mind, you sit, mocking my passion, my emotion,


once occupying the warmest part of my heart, you left, without reason, i'm broken,


still haunting my thoughts every second, of everyday, invisible, only a ghost,


i can still taste your nectar on my tongue, so sweet, so real, i still hunger for hope,


pain shatters every act of joy you brought, i search, where are you, who have you become,


i am alone yet i whisper your name at night, so soft, it burns, a love undone,


my soul searching for release from this curse, this torture, but i cant, im addicted,


you were all i ever needed, wanted or craved, now youre gone, and i miss it,


in the darkest hour life has ever given me, lost, i cry, tho i never shed a tear,


for every promise made has been broken to pieces, dreams, love, disappear,

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