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Jin Smylez

Writing a song in words

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[1:00]you begin life, quiet and useless, but slowly you begin to fade into the norm, you adjust to what is expected of you.


[1:40]Life may have built to the slight plateau...

You may think, theres nothing really left after this.


[2:30]Then you hear the slight buildup

your heart beats faster as you realize its not over quite yet

faster and faster the realization comes

you know its here now and you dont think... you just accept it


[3:00]Life starts new, the beat comes back, its changed this time

Its better, deeper, more entertaining and more thrilling

You feel a climax coming but not sure you ever want to climax.

you just want to keep climbing


[4:15]but then a break interrupts and all you see is bright light, and feel a slight vibration

slowly building you have no idea what this is

still feeling the new life that had recently started you dont even care

your just enjoying the beauty as you soon come to realize that this is the climax


[5:15]life becomes more than it ever has

it feels better, you smile every waking second as you see your at the top of it all

your heart beats and your body move together...


[5:45]then it suddenly gets even better......

the new old and climax have all become one and you cant stand to live so perfectly

there is nothing better than this...

so good it cant possibly be true...


[6:50]you feel complete release and let all go

you let go so much that even your life force slowly seeps out of you..

you know this is the end and you except that, for it was more than you could ever ask for.

[7:20]and then you feel nothing but your slow heart beat, as it comes to nothing...




(do not judge my writing capabilities on this :P)


Wrote this while listening to Ferry Corsten-Punk (cosmic gate remix)

This song has been one of my favorites for quite some time, always inspiring me.

I decided to write how i felt while listening to this song.


I wrote AS the song played, meaning each changing part of the song influenced it, If you can, read it while listening to the song and you'll see what I mean.


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i love it(:


your good mr. jin you have potential.

btw i like that song too so i see what you mean on how you wrote it.

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