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Sup guys.. I thought, since I'm bored and have nothing else to do, I'd write some random story about random things.. Basicly I'm going to just make up the story as I go..


By the way.. the name was the last thing I put in..


A cool breeze enters my cell as morning arrives. I turn over and cross my arms just to conserve enough body heat to survive. I knew that food wasn't going to be brought to me until another couple of hours and I really didn't feel like chewing at my skins again for any source of fullfillment. As I slowly close my eyes I hear footsteps approaching my cell door. Clamly I pull my self to a sitting position and stare forward towards the door.


Keys unlock the chains and locked and a person dressed all in black drags in a little girl. I could see by her bloody face and arms that she has been beaten and raped. A sweet smell of honey and sugar flows through my rugged nose. I blink twice and rub my eyes so that the blurryness of light escapes. I swint and focus on the girls skins. It was shiny with small specks of crystals all over.


"Here is your food for the day. It's either you kill and eat her or no food for a week." The soldier explains. My stomach growls and no longer is she a girl in my eyes. She is now a full meal for two days and great feelings throughout my body. I begin to breath harder as I stare at her pure skin glazed of honey and sprinkled with sugar. The soldier looks at me then turns around and leaves the cell closing the cell door behind him.


I begin to pull my emotionless body towards the girl ever so slowly knowing any sudden movements could break my weakened bones. Once I've reached her I pull myself up to a sitting position, straighten out my back, close my eyes, and take a deep breath. I look down at her as she looks up at me with tear filled eyes.

"What is your name?" I ask softly.

"Cchrissty." She studders from pain.

"Well christy here are your choices. You could either move your ass to that corner or lay here and let me eat your oh so delicious body."


Her eyes widen as she realizes that I am not joking with her.


lol.. ok I'm done writing for today.. sorry I'm bored

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the story? or me just stop writing?

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I'm going to agree with Rorok.

But yet, my insatiable curiosity persists. Despite the fucked up-edness of the situation, I want to know more.

Where is this story going? What will happen to the girl? Who is the person locked up?

Why is the person locked up? Murderer? Where are they? Could this be a flashback?

Maybe a dream? A vision of the future? Will a Mew come out of the corner and save them both?

Will the prisoner escape? If he does, will he take the girl with him?

That's only a peek into the curiosity that I happen to be stuck with.

Sorry if I rambled a bit, but....well..I have to know. Lmao



I'm LordHappyPantsXIII and I approve this crazy insane barrage of questions. XD

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