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Piece of Mind #6-#8

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By: Adrian M. Fuentes


Respect... They say to gain respect you must first give respect. But how would that work if the other is also waiting for the respect? Does one have to break what is said and take the "higher road" and give respect first before recieving it? What if none of us ever take that higher road? What then?


Respect... An action known to balance two sides.

Side one - Anger, voilence, regrets

Side two - Happiness, calmness, memories


Respect... The point of time when one person understands the present, future, or past and acts upon it through a simple gesture of prevention. What do I mean by, "prevention"?

If a person decides to respect another then he or she is making peace for the future or deciding a change of the past or present.


Respect... A way of life, a key component to success, and the reasonable choice to solving controversial problems.



By: Adrian M. Fuentes


All About You..


From the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep sleep you could either take one step forward or one step back. But the days you stand still are the days you remember the past and plan for the future. The future that has all the oppurtunities needed to make or break you. The oppurtunities that you could either grasp onto with every bit of strength and determination you have inside or allow to pass you by like the morning breeze. Every step you take has different effect on your future so if you haven't started yet then start today. Start viewing your choices and filtering the bad so that not only you on the outside (the world) is happy but you on the inside (your soul) is happy. You and only you have the power to control your life and in which direction you want to push it. Forgetting who you are is also a downfall in charactor. Knowing who you are and what you could be is the goal of life and only you are in control of your goals. Many people convince themselves that they have no control over who they are or what they would want to be but it only takes one reminder to change you of today too you of tomorrow. But tomorrow could make or break you. So remember the past, filter the bad, plan for the future, and most of all know who you are because so many act to be another so be that role model. Be unique.Be you.



By: Adrian M. Fuentes


This only something I wrote after I dropped my gf off at work and waited for a ride home..



The little you do, has so much more to say. <-- Think about what I mean by that.


Keep your mind where your heart relaxes and you'll get further then expected.


Not everything lasts forever.

For those that dont, remember them as lessons of life.

For those that do, savor them as memories that bring you above current events.


(I know that was short but the ride showed up faster then I expected.)


I hope you enjoyed what you've read and there will be more to come..

#9,#10,#11, ect..

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