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Help reading this chart?

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So apparently this chart has stumped me so hard, i have to ask it on GSC!


This is for a Psychology observation we have to do. We have to observe 10 males and 10 females then compare the percentage to that chart on the right. You can see my percentages on the left.


What stumps me is the "Females-Side" on the chart. It clearly gives me a low percentage for Males-Front, and a high percentage for Males-Side.


Then, it also shows an increase of Females-Front. On the bottom left hand paragraph, it says: "Females shift from side to front carrying as they mature". That means that Females-Side couldn't possibly be the increase.


The Fe/Male fronts also have a white dot, while the Male-Side has a black one. There's only three lines for the for observations.


Maybe I'm over thinking this. Can anyone help me sort out this god forsaken chart?

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Chart kinda seems messed up lol

My guess is that the females are only getting one line, and that the line shows thier gradual progression from holding the books at their sides to infront of them. Clue I got was the marked increase at the 7th grade from side to front.

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Perhaps they all just gave up holding it at their sides, and just moved on to holding it in front?


They one thing that's weird is why they would put the Female-Side at the top and Females-Front at the bottom.






Got it! Why not subtract the percentage of girls carrying binders in their front from one hundred so that you find the percentage of the girls carrying binders at their sides?


Thank God for epiphanies.

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