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Xylitol poem

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I was required to do a memory poem for english so i wrote i about 4th of july glowsticking

what do you all think?




Blurred illusions of light

Whir around my head.

Purple, yellow, green, and white;

“Just watch.†I said.


The soft sting of rain,

Mixed with the aroma of fireworks bursting overhead

Made this night a perfect stage

For what we do best


The dusk night created an invisible wall

That separated our eyes from the world.

But as the silence was broken,

And the sky lit up,

Once more we could see.


The rhythm of distant music echoed

Between the walls of a compact neighborhood,

As we cracked our first glow sticks.

Quickly fastening them to a string,

We began to create this gleaming beauty

That we call art:


Spinning these radiant crystals around our bodies

In different motions, speeds, and directions;

The breath-taking view we created

Was for none but ourselves.


We preformed our meaningless and silent show,

And for one purpose:

To watch the distinct scene

That we stained the air with.


Minute by minute, hour by hour;

Long after the fireworks ended

And all nearby lights died out,

We continued to spin our flickering scepters.


We felt not the shivering cold around us,

Or the drizzles of rain that fell upon us.

We just stood there, drenched, soundless; and inspired,

And spun.




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Hmmm... just read that it says i should put the reasons i wrote it...

well here they are (if not already mentioned)


I wrote this because as a 1oth grade english requirment, i have to write i poem about a strong memory that effects me. I chose this night, 4th of july 2009, because it is the first night i watched glowsticking.

This has greatly affected my life, because glowsticking has become a great hobby, or even a passion for me now. I hope you all enjoy this poem, and i did it in like five minutes so, hey.

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Awesome work!!!

And in just 5 minutes!!

Don't you love the fact that it's in a classroom where our creative juices really flow?

What could it be?? The waxed floors? The scent of dry-erase marker? Or possibly, the stern glare available exclusively from teachers???




I'm LordHappyPantsXIII and I approve this message.

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