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In the Blowing Wind

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This is a short story that i had to write for my english class and it had to be based on a little girl and an elephant(depicted in some famous portrait) so i remembed an incedent that had occured to his best friend in kindergarden (allysa)aka lauren and nellie(my brother daniel)


sorry if i rushed to end it lol its what happens when your write a story desperatly the last hour you can lmao




In the Blowing wind


"Bye mommy," The little brown haired girl hopped out of her mom's van


"Bye Lauren, have a good day at school."

"I will," she shot a smile at her mother as she drove away. Lauren was a young

girl with curly light brown hair and deep brown eyes. Her smile shined bright just

as the stars in the night in her little province of Little-low Town. She even had a

little hop in her step but then again almost everyone in the fifth grade did.

She turned and her smile quickly disappeared. She went along and went to

class and sat quietly in her seat. The class was full of laughter and small talk but

as soon as Lauren walked through the door the class grew silent. Only the brave

dared to whisper in her presence. The teacher walked in just as soon as the bell

rang. "OK class open your books to page 86 in your text book."

An eternity later the bell rang out and the kids all ran out to lunch. The kids all

played and ate their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crusts cut off them.

Everyone was having fun but Lauren however was not. She walked alone through the black top where the kids were bouncing red balls having a good time. She walked till she got to the tree she hung out at everyday since around the second week of school.

A while back Lauren, during class, had a seizure and she fell out of her seat shaking and the kids all watched in horror as the helpless girl was on the floor.

Mrs. Franklin rushed to call the paramedics and within minutes they were there to help Lauren. Ever since Lauren was little she had seizures from time to time and since that day no one at the school wanted to talk with her. This is why she goes to that tree in that field at her school. The other kids wouldn't understand why her body does that they would just shun her from being "normal".

She sat down on the hard wood tree trunk and sighed. All around her were crimson leaves that twirled and swirled around dancing to the gentle gusts of wind.

"Hey Lauren!" Lauren's beautiful smile returned and her eyes sparkled. She quickly looked over her shoulder to see her best friend. Her best friend wasn't something out of the usual. He had grey skin and huge ears. He stood tall as a giant and his nose hung down to the floor. His name was Nellie, Nellie the Elephant.

"Hi Nellie!" She hugged him but couldn't even get her small arms all the way around.

"So they haven't began talking to you yet?"

"No..." She sighed and placed her head into her hand and looked down at the leaf stuck on her shoe. The wind blew once more and the leaf struggled to get over her the top of her shoe and it danced along until she couldn't see it no more.

Nellie patted her shoulder with his long trunk and she softly smiled.

"See that leaf over there going towards the black top?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"How is it being pushed around like that?"

"The wind pushes it you know that already Nellie"

"How can you be so sure it's the wind? It's just something you know right? Well same thing with the whole friends thing. There will always be something there for you, someone to push you forward through life and just as a leave does it will run into obstacles and have a hard time to get over them but the wind will always be there to push it over. Im that wind for you and your mother is that wind and the wind will never go away it may seem to dissappear every once in awhile but never will it leave you."

She looked over at the elephant with slight confusion but just looked away again at the dancing leaves to try and soak in what Nellie had just said. She thought about all the times that her and Nellie would dance around with no particular thought on how to dance they just flailed their bodies around to some pop song on the radio just to have some fun her and that elephant were inseperable. They were like peanut butter on jelly.

The bell rang and broke her train of thought. The vision of her and Nellie dancing faded away and she looked over to where Nellie was and he was gone. She got up and brushed off the dirt from her jeans and walked off to class.

All the kids noisely went into class and sat in their seats.

"Now class settle down lunch time is over now." The class grew silent and Lauren sat in her seat thinking about all the good times she had spent with Nellie and about how he would listen to her whenever she needed someone to talk to. Being lost in a daze of thoughts the teacher called on her to answer a question,"Lauren!" She broke out of the trance and looked up at the teacher.


"What is 4 times 4?" The kids all directed their attention over towards her making her nervous.

"16" she answered correctly.

Class went along like always until a girl, Cassie, tapped on Lauren's shoulder. Lauren looked back and Cassie was there smiling "Why dont you ever hang out with all the other kids during lunch?" Lauren shrugged her shoulders a whispered,"I don't know?"

"Well you should hang out with me next time at lunch it would be fun so you don't have to sit by yourself at the tree in the field all alone." Lauren smiled to the invite and said yes to Cassie. She turned around in her seat with a small smile on her face.

After school was over Lauren went home and found Nellie in her room waiting for her. She always wondered how such a big elephant could fit in her small room.

"Hey Nellie, guess what!"


" I got invited to hang out with this girl Cassie and her friends tommorro at lunch!"

" Really? Thats great news!" Nellie jumped up and down and Lauren grabbed hold of his trunk and began jumping too. Her feet thudded as she hit the ground and the door swung open, "Lauren! What are you doing" She stopped to find her mother at the door, "Stop that please, come downstairs dinner is ready."

"OK mom ill be right down." Her mom walked away quietly.

She looked up and Nellie was gone.

The next day came oh so quickly to Lauren. She jumped out of the van just as she did everyday and went to class. Class seemed to drag on because of the antisipation for lunch time. She counted down the seconds until the bell rang 5...4...3...2...1. The bell buzzed and all the kids got out of their seats and ran outside. Cassie lead Lauren to a four square court where there were several other kids from her class already playing a game. Lauren played with the kids a made friends with the kids that normally shunned her after her little inccident awhile back. She bounced the red rubber ball back and forth with Cassie. She laughed like all the other kids did when she sat alone at the tree. The only other time she laughed like that was when she was with Nellie. Remembering about Nellie she looked over at the tree to see Nellie sitting there smiling back at her. The ball flew past her and she was out.

"Haha your out." The other kid got in the square that she was in and the game continued.

From time to time Lauren saw Nellie sitting over at the tree smiling over at her. He never left like he said. The wind may not be blowing all the time, but it will never cease to stop blowing it will always be among us just as Nellie was for Lauren.


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awww, sweet story.

Kinda makes you wonder who/what your wind is :)

Haha yeah it even made me think LOL I'm glad you enjoyed it :)



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