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A big tip for those starting out in production.

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It dosen't matter how expensive your equipment is, or how good it sounds...


it dosent mean ANYTHING AT ALL if your ROOM isnt tuned properly.


the biggest mistake most new producers make is they buy all these fancy software programs and plug in's for those programs. (which is another mistake), some big ass speakers (which can't even be used as monitors), and think they're a producer...


In my opinion, the FIRST thing you should do if you're really serious about audio production is to learn the room that you're going to produce in, and learning how to tune it.


production takes a LOT of work and knowledge, guys. It's way, WAY harder than a lot of people can even imagine, and there are way too many people that think they can just put down 5 thousand bucks and have the next hot song the next day/week.


If you have the resources (and the space), try a faraday cage type of setup in your area. get a SPL meter, check your entire room for standing waves, and irregular frequency/level outputs, if it's not suitable for production, find another room (if possible), or find a way to fix the problem.


your goal is to make your ENTIRE production area as flat as possible.


If your low end frequencies are too loud coming from your monitors, try moving them further away from the wall.


take a look at the surfaces in your room, just taking a "soundproof" mat and throwing it on the wall won't do it. the materials IN your wall matter as well.


Buy a graphic EQ if all else fails, this would help as well, but ONLY if you know exactly how your room reacts to almost every frequency.



While I may not be anything special myself, I do want to see the producers we do have excel at this as best as possible.


read up anything that you feel you may need to know! there's nothing wrong with not knowing certain terms. try to take in as much as possible, there's a much bigger science behind just the song.


Don't be afraid to ask either, I'm pretty sure that there are other people around GSC that know way more than I do. Feel free to contact me or anyone that's willing to give a helping hand.


Every single little thing matters a lot in production.

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QFT. A few other words of advice: listen to your mixes on multiple systems. Sometimes your headphones and monitors tell a story that won't be repeated in your car or in the club.

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Get Smaart which is a free download from there website, just can't save presets. With Smaart it will align your speakers PERFECTLY, you need a microphone - a certain one I just cant remember what kind... Then open up a DAW and push some pink noise through it and you can time align your speakers by moving them until it displays there phase coherency is in line.


Also I ALWAYS put my sub 180 degrees out of phase. Also aligning your sub is pointless.


And everyone that thinks they can cover there whole fucking room in sound proofing your making your room a fucking death trap, the most used sound proofing in professional studios is diffusion. You don't want every wall to just suck in the sound, natural reverberations can be a great thing. Also aim your speakers at your CRITICAL listening/mixing position, don't aim them down at anything or towards walls.


I could go on and on, but I would think if you know anything about audio you could figure out that sound waves reflect off of EVERYTHING and you need to take proper measures to counteract that.


Hopefully this helps in some way or another.


Also as above was mentioned, listen to your mix on as many different speaker systems as possible, and DONT FUCKING MAKE MUSIC OR MIX MUSIC WITH FUCKING HEADPHONES!!!

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