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How to use a Digital Camcorder for Glowsticking Videos

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How to use your Digital Video Camcorder for filming the best glowsticking videos

Written by Ravergirl


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Site for digital camcorders


So you want to make your videos look the best with what you have? You want to have a video that is easy to see? Want to have a video that shows off your glowsticking and filming skills?

You have found the right thread.


Ok so now, GO GRAB YOUR MANUAL! Yes, to your camera. In order to get the best possible shots, you have to know how to work your camera.


Look up these things, cause you WILL use these

-Turning auto-focus on and off

-Setting Exposure

-Nightshot (if you have a Sony) or any other lowlight setting


Just for Editing purposes

-Firewire port and how to connect

-Importing footage to your computer


Now that you know how to work your camera, how can you use this new found knowledge to make the best video you can?


LIGHTING. This cannot be stressed enough. We all see those videos where you can’t see anything! You want to be seen and still have the glowsticks stand out. We want low light, not NO light. Remember if the lighting is a little dimmer or brighter than you thought this can be edited later.


Lighting Tips

-Use some light directly on the glowsticker so the outline of he or she can be seen.

-Turn up the EXPOSURE to its highest level

-Wear colors that reflect if lighting is dim (white, yellow… so on)

-NEVER film with no light

-Use nightshot if lighting is hard to control

- do NOT film with backlight (light source shouldn't come from behind you).

this creates silhouette and destorys all depth preception, you will look like a black outline and any moves done in front of your body won't look good. glowsticks will also look dimmer than they should.

- do short test runs before start the whole filming session if you don't have a cameraman.

record a 30 second clip, playback so you can see how the lighting and distancing look before you commit 2 hours of tape to the setting.

- for better accurate protrayal of how the footage will look when you transfer it onto your computer (RG is right about how it will look significantly darker on computer), you may want to turn DOWN the LCD screen brightness


Where can I get light?

- Use lights in your house

- Car headlights

- Porch Light

- Light Accessories that you can buy for your camera


*flashlights don’t spread the light enough to highlight the glowsticker! *


* Remember when you upload to the computer, your shots WILL be significantly DARKER! Computer contrast is MUCH different from the LCD screen on your video camera.*


ALL ABOUT THE SHOT. How do you know what’s the best shot? What’s too far away and what’s to close up? The standard shot is a long shot. [He or she fits in frame from head to toe]. This is the most commonly used shot in glowsticking videos.

You are not LIMTED at ALL by this though, I’ve experimented with multiple angles and found that this is just the simplest shot.

Wanna see a wide variety of shots? Check out my Amazing video filmed with my Sony Handy cam.


Shot Tips

- Use a tripod or a stable surface (table, car hood, etc…)

- Turn the autofocus OFF (this will prevent shot from blurring)

- Don't forget to Check your shot and FOCUS it.... don't want a fuzzy shot

- Keep it simple, no excessive movement of the camera (this distracts from the glowsticker)

- Remember the lighting tips

- Take only footage that you need, the more you take, the more you need to edit

- Don’t dance for the camera, dance as if you were in a circle

- Have fun! A smile can really bring life to a video


My camera:

Sony miniDV digital handycam [model: Carl-Zeiss Vario-Sonnar] 120x digital zoom



With these tips, you can now film the best footage for any glowsticking video! Go have some fun with it!


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