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Ode to my loved one

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I wrote this poem a while back as a way to forget... or rather overcome, numerous thoughts that had been bothering me for some years now.It is the final product of several stages of my life, I hope you enjoy it. Any comment/critique is very much welcomed:


Oh love, you treacherous trap.

Why did I fall on your murderous path?

Consuming pain within my core,

Depleting darkness, behemoth…


I used to live for you my love;

My breath, my dreams were yours to hold.

Naïve I was, my faith was so.

I thought you’d stay forevermore.


Remember when we used to walk

By that old oak on winter’s dawn?

Carefully stepping in the dark…

I thought you’d stay forevermore.


I sweat sweet blood for you my love,

Worked day and night to keep you close.

Nothing would separate us both;

I thought you’d stay forevermore.


Calmly sitting in the darkness

We waited for Nighttide’s shining cloak.

Moonshine’s flare glistened in your eyes…

You’d stay with me forevermore.


I built this home for you my love;

Its grandness as a kingdom’s fort.

All now has faded into void…

Back then I thought “forevermoreâ€.


Ah, lying on the grass I said:

“I love you deeply evermoreâ€;

Your crystal face busted in joy…

I’ll picture it forevermore.


I gave up all and took you out

To our enchanted forest loch,

And in return I wished for hope;

Hope did not dwell forevermore.


You danced each evening by the moor

While silver eyes sank into Blue.

Time left forgotten; Life rejoiced

To live forever, evermore.


Oh, how I loved each moment so,

My queen of amber-coloured locks.

Could it not last, this graceful love?

Last ‘til the end, forevermore?


So suddenly on a Spring’s dawn

Sorrow consumed your pristine joy;

Yet went unnoticed by me such,

For I still grasped forevermore.


Why, I inquire, did you not stay?

My love, did I not keep you safe?

I ask this queries everyday;

Perpetual pain, forevermore.


Uneasiness so vile withstood

Your soul as Summertime passed by,

Yet still your lips kept firm a smile…

It stayed forever, evermore.


Why did it shatter all at once?

Why did it part and not come back?

I’ll always blame myself, you know

And always will, forevermore.


…It happened rapidly one day,

One mournful day close to the lake.

We were just sitting at the dock,

Watching the twilight pass away.


So suddenly your sight diverged,

Your vim all gone, all drained away.

I clenched you tight, kept you upright,

Kept longing for your feeble self.


Those words pronounced, despairing spells,

Maraud my doleful, inner self:

“My love, forever, evermore…â€


Oh, what an ominous Autumn day,

So vicious yet frightfully frail;

As Death intoned its final chant

My love now heard Arcadia’s bells.

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