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This started as an assignment for my English class then became something more.

The story is basically everything that happened in my last relationship.

The crazy thing is though, when I finished writing the story, half of the things in the story didn't happen yet.

Then slowly things from the book started happening in my life.

And just today, I was put in a situation where either I died and she did to, or I died and she lived.

In the story we both died, and I was talking to her on myspace, and quickly right then and there before I replied to her message, I changed the story so that only I died.

And pisshow, her message came up and she broke up with me.

That killed me inside and out, but I know that if she hadn't have broken up with me, then I would have killed myself and that would have drove her to suicide as well.

Now I'm not technically dead, but the old me is. (I've changed, so the old me is dead. Hope that makes sense.)

But yeah, if you actually read it, then you can ask me a question about any part and it will be something that has happened in my life.


-Oh and if you want me to expand more, on my personal life so that the above makes sense more I can. I'm just in a hurry. My dad is yelling at me to get off the comp lol.


But on another note, this story is obviously fiction.

I am in a 10th grade honors class.

So, enjoy.




Chapter 1. The Dive

My life is like drowning. I jumped into the pool that is my life without any worries. But once I hit the water it started to hurt. Thats when things changed and in a way I just sort of freaked out. But before that there was this sort of time where I just kind of got lost in the reality of it all. But then I started thrashing around in the water, searching for a hope of life. But none ever came, and I slipped into the darkness of death, I drowned.

My best friend, Fate, punched me hard right in the arm, at last saying, "Fifteen". That was it, the cool reality, Mark Sketch had turned Fifteen. I didn't feel any older, all I felt was a throbbing pain in my arm. Fate didn't know it, but each punch lowered me a bit more. I couldn't fight the powerful urge anymore. Today I would crack and fall apart. Today I would Break Down and not for the first time. A Break Down, being a time where I would lock myself in my room, crawl into the corner that my bed made with the wall, and there, I would cry. Nothing had changed, nothing would ever change.

Fate left after he had some cake and I locked myself in my room. I walked slowly towards the bed, each step taking more effort then the last, then finally I reached my bed and collapsed. It was then that the weight was dropped and I let the silent tears stream down from my cheeks. Thoughts, they haunted me everytime I cried. Thoughts about "her". She was so perfect in every way. I was hers in every form, but she, was his. The last tear fell as I brought my legs closer to my chest with my back to the corner. I stopped thinking, it only made me hurt.

Before I knew it I was awake and I got ready for school. As I got ready in the normal pattern that I followed everyday, my mind began to wander. School, it was just a time where I would go to a meeting place of random kids to help others. Just about the only reason why I live is to help others. To me school isn't really about learning or preparing for the real world. It is about teaching people to stay positive and to fight through life. I never followed my own lessons.

Fate arrived at my house as usual and we started to walk to school. Just like we did every morning. He would tell me his tales of the day before and I would listen as a child would listen to his grandfather's stories. Fate's stories however, got more and more violent with each passing day. We finally got to school and we both took our own seperate paths. I would have normally followed him to the rest of my friends but I saw I had a job to do.

Envy was sitting in her usual spot when I arrived and she didn't seem very happy. I sat next to her and timidly asked what was wrong. She didn't like me, but she knew I could help.

"I got in a fight with my mom." she said, and I had heard her but I could tell talking about it wouldn't help. My eyes drifted up to the sky towards the distant sun.

"Do you see the Sun Envy?" I asked without moving an inch. She looked at me like I was stupid but still said in her angry tone, "Yes."

"I think that the Sun rises because it is happy. But that if one day it was sad, that it would still rise. Do you know why?" She sighed heavily and looked towards the sun.

"Because the Sun stays positive and knows the next day will be better." I finished calmly as I got up and walked towards my friends. My friends, a group of people I hung out with until school was over. In reality I hated them, in my falsehood though, I was one of them. When I arrived they greeted me by punching me in the gut, and I responded without a flinch. I could have easily knocked him out but revenge wasn't my thing. The bell rang and I left the group towards class. Class, it was my sanctuary, my hiding place from all the things that caused me pain. The place where I could take in knowledge to distract me from my memories.

Time ticked by and lunch arrived. I left my fourth period and started walking, I looked towards the ground and my mind flew off in the distance. Lunch, the time where I was tortured by the past to the breaking point. Just like everyday before I would walk by "her" and he would be holding her. He would kiss her. He would be everything I wanted to be. One day I walked by and she saw me, and I could see the pain in her eyes. She loved me, but she loved him more. That was the only fact that kept my mind on the constant verge of tears. That, was my torture. Now lets take a skip backwards. Before my ever constant pain.


Chapter 2. The Pain


She would come over, she would hold me, she would kiss me. Even though she was with him, she would love me. There were good times, there were bad times, it was like our own secret relationship hidden from the world. She seemed to be able to handle it all. But her guilt controlled her, it hurt her and that was what I had to end. So I would help her, she always told me about her problems with "him". That was when I would take a knife and stab myself by doing something that a man should never have to do. I helped the girl I loved stay with another man. I would tell her,

"Dont leave him, stay, be understanding, things are kind of hard right now." Each of those words killed me a little bit more, but I said them, because she was in love. I knew that if they broke up that it would cause her pain, and I couldn't have that.

Most people dont know this but, its harder for the other guy. Having to know that she is with another guy. Having to know how much more she loves him, how much she does with him. But worst of all is when you lay next to her one night. You look into her eyes, and you ask her,

"Who do you love more? Him or me?" It kills you when she just looks at you. Then says to you,

"Him" It tears you apart to know that she chooses someone over you. It makes you something unrecognizable by your old self. I once was as positive as the help I gave, but now.

When people ask me what I see in the glass, I see nothing. When they have me look at ink on a page, I see pain, its sad.

After she told him about us, about, what we did behind his back. She saw death as her only answer, she said the guilt was becoming to much. So I told her something that I think over everyday,

"If you ever need me. I will be there. If I can ever truly be yours, come to me. Until then, I am ending your pain, Good-bye. I love you, and I will be waiting." Skip forward three weeks and that is where I am at today. Only thing I haven't included is the drugs. Drugs, my one escape, the way I expanded my mind past thoughts and into a deep reality that showed me truth. Without them, I would be dead, and that is exactly where I am at. Before I left she made me promise not to touch them. So I didn't, and now, I am dead, dead and waiting.


Chapter 3. The Change


One night I logged onto Myspace. Just to see if she had messaged me. I don't know why I always raised my hopes. They always just ended in tears. "New Messages" the icon burned my eyes as I clicked the link. There it was, the message that changed everything. It was a message from him. Inside he asked me things I had gone over a million times before. "Does she like you?". "Do you still see her?". I help others, its what I do. So I answered his questions.

Later that night, I wont ever forget the time, 7:04 p.m. I was about to leave my room when I saw my sister let "her" through the door, I froze in the doorway. I couldn't think, I couldn't feel. But I saw that she was in pain and I forgot the past I forgot everything, I just went to help her. She came in and sat on my bed at first it was silent, then that's when she said it, "He left me." There was no stopping the emotions in the room, in a second she was crying and I held her without a thought. I put my arms around the girl that had caused me so much pain, and I loved her. I nurtured her. She was in so much pain, and I comforted her with every ounce of my strength. Then I asked, "Will we ever be together?" She took a while to answer, not because she was considering the question, but because there were so many emotions to be felt. She said to me in a quite sweet tone, "Yes Sketch. We can." I looked her in the eyes and I felt a tear fall off my face as I said to her, "Then I would do it all again." The words came out as truthful as could be. Nothing could be greater then her, I would die for her if thats what it came to. She was the one for me, and I would never let her go.


Chapter 4. The Sense of Awe


Its years later.. "Eighteen." said Fate as he drove that last punch into my arm. It throbbed with pain that took me back to a time three years earlier when nothing was right. I turned and saw her smiling face, and with that one glance everything was right again. My thoughts were banished to the back of my mind and I smiled back to her. She seemed to have something on her mind and when Fate finally left she guided me to the bedroom. She locked the door behind me and took a seat on the bed, I kissed her before I took my own seat.

"Whats wrong?" I asked as I gently rubbed her back. She just shook her head no. The bed began to vibrate and she pulled out her cell phone. I peered over her shoulder and of course the caller ID read "Hurt Johnson". God I hated him so much. Hurt was her friend, her "little brother". All I saw him as was a threat and a pain. The sound of her voice broke my thoughts.

"Hello?", I didn't want to listen so I went under the covers and escaped the conversation. Three minutes later I felt her slip in next to me.

"Babe," she said with a pause "He's dead." I looked at her, and just by her eyes I could tell who. We were both already dressed and she drove. The car ride was silent and we were both anxious to confirm what Hurt had said. She parked the car and I couldn't believe my eyes, we were at the park. The park, the place where I first did drugs, the place where he broke up with her, the place where I was going to propose to her in three days.

We left the car and went towards the scene. I knew everyone there, and what made it so much better was that they were all in hand cuffs. The policemen that guided my friends to the cars also seemed oddly familiar. But sure enough there they all were, all my old friends. All with blood on their hands and guilt on their faces.

She ran towards the paramedic and that's where he was. He seemed almost peaceful lying there. I almost couldn't believe it, Pain was dead. Pain, the guy that had caused me so much torture. The guy that she once loved more then me. He was dead. I felt her hand come across my own and we just stood there. Neither of us cried, because neither of us was sad. This was just something that happened. An occurence in our life that niether of us really knew how to react to.

Hurt ran up out of nowhere and I felt her hand slip away, she went and hugged him. I stared at him, from across her shoulder. I looked him dead in the eye and I knew. I knew that one day, I would be alone with that kid. That would be the worst day of his life. I turned away from her holding another man, it hurt to much. Then I saw Fate, he was the only one not in cuffs. I walked over to him and asked,

"Hey man, what happened here?" Fate just smiled and started walking past me when he said,

"Happy Birthday Sketch." I couldn't help but smile. My friends had given me the best gift I could ask for. As I watched Fate walk away, my mind took a trip on the thought train. My friends, they sure had changed a lot since high school. Now they were known as, The Brotherhood, and they owned every piece of territory from West Covina to Las Vegas. I looked towards the ones in the cuffs. Everyone of them would be back on the streets in minutes. Fate had asked me to join up a million times. But I shot him down each time, so long as I had her, I would never join. She came up to me and kissed me on the cheek,

"Lets go." she said as we began walking back to the car.

Later that night after she fell asleep I did something I hadn't done for years. I wrote her a letter and spilled my heart into it. I don't know what compelled me to do it. A voice in my head just wanted me to let these words out on paper, so I did. From the moment I started writing things just poured out, and after I signed it, I read over the letter to make sure it was perfect.


"To the girl of my dreams,


You mean the world to me and there are some things I want you to know. I've told you these things a million times before but I can't help but want to say them again. I love you, I care about you, and I would give my life away just to see you. Times are changing but we never will, our bond will never be broken and I'm glad that you are my one. My heart is yours, be careful with it.


Your love, Sketch."


I tucked the letter in her locket and set it on the desk by the bed. Her locket, it was the one thing she kept that was from Pain, and the one thing I wanted gone more then Hurt. But I would live.

She said that if we got married then she would take it off. That comforting thought alone lulled me to sleep.


Chapter 5. The Loss of Control




I woke up to the sound of a loud crash. In seconds I was out of bed and opened the drawer that held the knife my dad had given me. I armed myself with it and already I noticed that two things were wrong. First thing was, that the bedroom window was wide open. The other was that she wasn't lying in bed. I wasn't sure what to do so I slowly snuck through the hall towards the living room. As I turned the corner time slowed down as the scene revealed itself to me.

There she was standing half naked at the front door kissing Hurt as gently as she would kiss me. Her hand resting lightly on his face. His arms firmly placed around her.

"Why?" the whisper left my lips slowly as my head drifted towards the floor. Time was agonizingly slow. I watched as a tear fell to the floor and as the knife fell from my hands. The knife fell so delicately, so beautifully, but I couldn't feel anything. I felt no sadness, no anger, I was completly numb. I looked back up to face reality, but time wasn't slow anymore. Hurt was gone, and she was standing there looking at me with shock and pain. She started walking towards me, but I knew, I knew I couldn't let her touch me, talk to me, I had to run. So I did, I burst through the side door, and ran to my car. I didn't have any keys so I broke in and hot wired it. A skill I had acquired from my friends.

Once I started driving I couldn't stop, I couldn't allow myself to think. I glanced out my window for a second and saw a Motel 6, I pulled into the parking lot and I nearly ran out of my car. I strode past the front desk and threw my wallet at the lady in the front desk, then grabbed the nearest key.

I opened the door to my room and it was perfectly clean. It had all the basic necessities for life. "She would always keep the room clean." That single thought made me lose control. I slammed the door shut behind me and I grabbed the nearest object. I didn't even feel the weight of the vase before it was slammed on the wall. Glass sunk deep into my hand but I couldn't feel it. All I felt was our first kiss, the softness of her hands. Everything went black and thoughts consumed my mind. I loved her, I gave her everything, I was hers. How could she do this to me? There were so many lies, so many things, which parts were truth? She kissed Hurt, she loves him. I've just been a pawn. I opened my eyes to a scene of destruction. The T.V. laid shattered on the bed, wood from desks littered the floor, and blood and glass was everywhere. My knees became weak and I fell to the floor with a silent thud. All I could see was glass, so much glass. My eyes fell upon one piece which showed my reflection. I stared into my eyes, I looked upon myself like a stranger. She was my everything, and without her I was nothing. This was my ending, staring back at me knowing what must be done. I grabbed the shard of glass that had held my reflection and used it to slip into a cool darkness.


Chapter 6. The Hope


"Sketch, I want you to promise me something." I couldn't feel anything and all I saw was black, but I could hear her voice, it was all around me. Her voice had this power, and it was so great it consumed my every thought.

"Promise me that you wont leave this world before I do." The idea of it seemed cruel, I would much rather die with her. A death without her would be horrible for me, it would be torture.

Almost as though a light switch had been turned on things began to return. Memories flooded my mind, my father falling to his death, my mother passing me a joint, the girl of my dreams kissing Pain and then Hurt. But here, I felt no anger, or pain. All I could feel was my love for her, it seemed to overpower all else. My next words were from the heart and I put everything I had into them.

"I promise you that I wont leave this world before you. But you have to promise that you will never love anyone more then you love me." There was silence, so I assumed she didn't hear me. But when I tried to scream it, I had lost my ability to speak. This awkard world didn't want me to speak. So all I could do was hope that she heard me. Hope that she would keep her promise in return.


Chapter 7. The Loss of Hope


My eyes fluttered open and I took in my surroundings. With just a glance I knew where I was. The jar of cotton balls, the slow beeping of a life saving machine, I was in a hospital. I was shocked, the reality of the situation, was depressing, but I hadn't forgotten the promise, I never would. Someone walked past my room, Hurt. Nothing could stop me, not the morphine in my system or the cuts on my body. I chased after the kid and grabbed him. My grip hardened on his arms as I considered how I would take care of him. But I felt something touch my shoulder, something calming. It was her hand, I dropped the kid and turned to face her. She opened her mouth to say something but I put my hand on her lips. They were so soft. I lowered my head and looked around. If I ran, then no one could stop me. But thoughts conflicted in my head, "You have to hear what she has to say." "No you shouldn't, all she will do is hurt you, that is her game, you are her pawn." "Stop, weigh your options." The reasonable side of me kicked in and stopped the crazy bickering. "If you walk away you will never know the truth, but if you listen, then you can walk away with knowledge, and that, is the source of power." I took a deep breath and punched Hurt in the face. In the next moment I had pushed her into the hospital room and locked the door behind us.

"So, tell me, why were you half-naked kissing Hurt?" The words burned my lips and anger flooded my every nerve, my every instinct. But I held it all in and waited for her answer.

"Sketch, I-I.." She broke into tears and I left the room. Hurt was lying in the hallway still half dazed from the punch. In an instant I had picked him up and pinned him against the wall. I saw the outline of a bruise begin to form around his eye.

"Why were you kissing her?" I asked him, fear painted his every expression.

"I, we, were talking and -" I threw him on the floor and didn't second guess my choice. I was never going to get an answer our of either of them. So I did what I should had done three years before. I returned to the hospital room but now my blood had cooled and I couldn't bear the words I was about to speak.

"Hey," I said, "Look in your locket, I left you a note and I still mean every word of it, I always will. But you will never feel that way for me, and I will never be your everything." Silent tears fell from my eyes as I uttered the words I had once sworn to never speak. My body shook as I fought to hold my emotions in. "Goodbye," I wanted to say that I loved her but I knew I wouldn't leave if I said it.


Chapter 8. The Drowning



A few years later.... "Twenty-one" said Fate as he finished that last punch. This time however, I felt no pain, I had no thoughts about him or her. All I felt was a need for revenge, which was soon satisfied with a quick jab to Fate's rib. I looked around my apartment. The place wasn't looking to shabby, the greatest part was sitting on the couch though. For there sat Hope Charity, she was my girlfriend but it was a sad relationship. Hope gave me all the love in the world, but I couldn't love her back. She would die for me, but all I could do was cry for her. My ability to love was tucked away deep inside of me along with the old Sketch. In fact, people called me Mark now, and those who didn't payed dearly. Violence was the norm, and killing people had become a habit. Nationalities were nothing, and the color you wore depicted who you were. I myself flew my black flag with pride.

The Brotherhood had grown like a wildfire after it had first started six years before. With three states conquered the government wasn't sure how to handle us anymore. Troops had been sent, but were only recruited into our ranks, mostly because the pay was better. The Brotherhood was unstoppable, and the scary part was. I had no idea how it all stayed together. The Brotherhood was a completely Militaristic society with no definite form of rank structure, all that was known was that the Elites ruled and that you wanted to become one. Fate was an Elite and I was one of his many soldiers.

Today though, I was going to become an Elite, I could feel it. It was that time of week when I would take Hope to Baskin Robbins and I was guessing that, that was when the test would begin. Every member of the Elites was given a test before they joined. They say that this test marks you, and when its done you come out a different person.

Hope grabbed my hand and it took me out of my thoughts. "You ready to go?" I looked into her beautiful blue eyes, "Yeah, lets go" We walked down to the car and she got in the drivers seat. I wasn't sure what was happening but I got in the passengers seat and went with it. On my seat sat a blindfold.

"Put it on," She said in a playful tone, "I want to surprise you."

My thoughts at first were that this was a trick and that in the end I would be tied to a tree in El Salvador, but I slipped it on anyways. We drove for hours it seemed, but when your radio is busted and your AC doesn't work, a fifteen minute trip can seem to be for hours. Only when she told me I could take off the blindfold did I realize it really had been hours. Everything around me was terribly familiar. She pulled into a parking space and it filled me with horror. We were in my hometown, at the Baskin Robbins I had once taken a different girl to every Tuesday. We left the car and I felt her gentle hand grab mine, she didn't know it but I felt so weak, so hurt, I could hardly stand.

As we stepped through the front door she went to take a seat at a table near the back. I took some time to take in my surroundings. There were a few other couples in the place and only one cashier. I stepped up to him and his back was facing me so I tapped his shoulder. He turned around and I was shocked to see Fate staring back at me. My instincts kicked in and I dove over the counter just as bullets riddled the area where I once stood. Fate hadn't moved an inch but said "Good," as he handed me two cones of cookie dough ice cream. I took this as the all clear sign and stood up cautiously. All the couples had left and I guessed that they were the ones who fired the guns. A frightened Hope still sat in the back shaking like a leaf. I brought her the ice cream and sat next to her.

"I guess your being tested," She said as she examined the ice cream. I took a look at my own and decided I shouldn't eat it.

"I wasn't expecting it to be so, so"

"So cruel," I finished for her,"Well that's how it is, things are cruel and they always will be." I said as my anger took the best of me.

A big guy stepped through the entrance wearing UFC gloves and a red flag at his side. I could have killed the guy in any number of ways before he reached me, but I wanted it to hurt. So I stood up and grabbed the nearest chair and slammed it on the guys head when he came close. It bounced off and he smiled. I cried a bit inside as he grabbed me and tossed me across the room. My back hit the wall and I slid down. I felt my knife slide down from my sleeve and take its place in my hand. The blade went in between my knuckles and as the big guy came close and threw a punch at me, I connected my fist with his and cut him up real bad. A few follow up punches and the guy was as good as dead, I pushed him out the front door and returned to my seat with Hope. My back hurt, the adrenaline in my system was making me twitch and I was covered in blood. But Hope still asked,

"Could you get me some more ice cream?" Standing up was torture but I managed. Before I could reach the counter though a small line had formed.

Fate called out to me, "By the way, its rush hour." I looked around the room and was amazed to see people pile in. Everything seemed so fake, so set up. I took my place in the line and felt a presence behind me. As I turned around time slowed down as I saw death before me. My eyes weren't concentrating on the man with the knife about to stab me, but what was behind him. There, walking through the front door was Hurt, and he was holding her hand. He guided her to the table nearest to the door. Just the sight of her made my body flutter, she was so beautiful, so unchanged. "Stop," said the reasonable part of me but I wouldn't listen all I could think was, "Hold her, make her yours again."

The blade hit my side and I looked down, time was going so slow I watched as it gently slid into me but my thoughts didn't stop. "She loved Pain, she loves Hurt, there was never room for you. You aren't good enough for her." The blade was half-way into my side when I pushed my thoughts away and time resumed normal pace. I pushed away my attacker and pulled out the blade. I drove it into him and people started screaming. The room became a scene of panic as people ran out of the building. I caught a glimpse of Hurt and I chased out the door after him. He was alone, which was good.

The chase was short and he had managed to trap himself in an alley way. I paced towards him slowly as he backed away from me,

"Do you remember me, Hurt?" I asked smiling. The mere expression on his face was enough to fill me with joy.


"You my friend, are a menace, A thing in my way, and a causer of Hurt. You-are-going-to-die." I grabbed my gun and aimed it straight at the kid. But before I could pull the trigger something hit me hard in the back of my head and darkness swallowed me.


Chapter 9. The Tranisition to Death.


I shook off the nausea and raised my head. The chair I was tied to was securely fastened to the floor. Escape was useless, but the good news was. Hurt was tied to a chair across from me. The best part though, was that he was crying and begging for life. My mind wandered off, "Is this part of the test?" I was nearly sure of it. I couldn't help but worry about the girls, anything could have happened when we left.

Lights snapped on in the room and two other chairs were revealed. In one chair sat the girl I loved, and in the other, the girl who loved me. Both were wearing gags and couldn't speak. And both seemed a little beat up, I couldn't stand to see them like this.

Fate stepped through an unseen doorway and stood next to Hope. He wasn't smiling, wasn't showing any expression at all.

"Hope," said Fate, "You have a gun with two bullets in it." Fate began pacing a circle around the chairs then continued, "You Hope, decide the two people who die in this room today. But Hurt and Sketch get to try to persuade you on who to choose. The other thing is, that neither of you ladies have a say in any of this." Fate called me by my old name. But it almost felt fitting even though I hadn't been called by it in three years. I stayed quite and took in all the options. Ignorant Hurt however began pleading and begging for Fate to let him go. Fate pulled out a nail gun from his jacket, and the sight of it was enough to shut Hurt's mouth.

"I'm going to leave this room now. Hurt you talk first." Fate left the room just as he said and the room fell silent. Hurt stared at me, and then her, and then Hope. His gaze fell to the floor slowly and he began his speech.

"Hope," he said, "I don't know you half as well as Sketch does. But please listen to me, and let my words matter just as much as his." I found this kid pathetic, so unworth my time. His words, so weak, so ignorant. "Hope," Hurt continued, "I-I think it should be you and I who live." Hurts gaze stuck to Hope, but I looked at the girl that was just left to die by her boyfriend. She looked at Hurt through pained eyes, but she knew it was coming. My blood started rushing quickly as my anger for Hurt grew, but I needed control. I needed to think clearly so that the right thing could be done.

"Hope, can you ever forgive Sketch for putting you in this position? If he really loved you, he would have ran away with you, and stayed away from trouble like this. Sketch is the worst thing in your life. So end him, end him, and the girl he first loved. You know its the right thing to do." Hurt finally broke his gaze from Hope and looked at me. I knew it was my turn.

I took a deep breath and looked around the room, all eyes were on me. I knew what had to be done, I knew what I had to say. All the feeling in my body disappeared except for the slow beating of my heart and I sat there and just felt it with my eyes closed. Embracing its simplicity, its ability to love, to hate, to bring so much to a beginning, and then to end it all. I opened my eyes and stopped thinking, my body reappeared and I began.

"Hope, you have loved me from the moment we met. You have given me so much, and I have given you little in return. But still, you care for me, and you would give your world for me. But Hope, you should know, I've belonged to someone else for a very long time." I could see the tears in her eyes, and I felt my eyes eyes begin to swell with tears, but I held them back and continued. "I'm sorry Hope, I've done you a great wrong. Your an amazing person Hope, and you deserve life."

I squeezed my eyes shut and turned my head towards Hurt. The tears in my eyes fell and I let the anger return. My expression changed and I became someone else. Someone that had wanted to kill Hurt since he first met him. I opened my eyes and stared at Hurt like a killer.

"Hurt, I don't know what you and her have done over these last years but I hope you treated her well. She deserves the best, and I can't believe you would have her die. You don't deserve her love, you deserve to be alone for the rest of your life. My pathetic friend, I know that you will die, and that thought alone can make me smile." I looked at Hurt hard and I let my words take their toll on him before I took in a breath and closed my eyes. Right then I became the person who I was back when I was fifteen.

When I opened my eyes I was young again and so was she. Her skin was so soft and her smile brought tears to my eyes. She seemed to look at me questioningly, almost as if she were asking what was wrong. Little did she know that I loved her more than anything. Times with her appeared before my eyes. Good times, bad times, happy times, sad times, but if only there was more time. I closed my eyes and told her my last words. And for the first time in years I uttered her name

"Emm" I paused and the air around me cooled. I felt a warm sensation flutter through my body but I couldn't find bliss. Not in a time like this. "Emm, I don't have enough power in my body to tell you all the things I want to say." I swallowed back so many tears, I held in so much emotion. "Emm, I'm the reason that you are here, and you don't know how sorry I am. There is something I need to tell you Emm, and, its that I forgive you. I don't know why you cheated on me. But I don't care because," I couldn't hold it in any longer, A flow of tears fell from my face and I could here Emm call out to me behind her restraints. I could feel her lift me up and comfort me, and I could feel the pained smile fall upon my face.

"Emm, we are meant to be together and I promise you that we will be together. From this day on we will be one, and nothing will break us apart." I stared in her eyes and I said to her the words that I hadn't said in years, but that had always hurt me. The words that I thought about, but never felt. Not until I saw her again, not until she was with me again.

"Emm, I love you." She sat there and her eyes told me how she felt the same, and I could see the longing in her eyes. But all she could do was whimper. I turned to Hope and nodded. She knew what I wanted. She knew what had to be done.

Time skipped by as Fate entered the room with an old style pistol in his hand, and I could see the two bullets sitting in the chamber. He walked over to Hope and removed the cover from her mouth.

"Now Hope, say the last names of the two people that will die in in this room." Hope didn't pause, she didn't think, she just said the words.

"Ever, Charity."

Bang, Bang.




And so it went that Mark died alone with a women he didn't love. He died happy however. Because it was with his life, that his loves could live on. Mark was designed for only one, and that was for her. She was made more versatile however, but Mark didn't mind. So long as she lived, he would be happy with his death.

Good bye world. This was Trace. I was a guy designed for one love. And my love chose someone else. And so I must die, so that another in my body can conitnue to live. I may not believe in coincidence. But I do believe in Fate.

And I'm glad I changed this book as my last act of life.

I love you all.

The End.


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That was absolutely breath taking. I can tell that you literally put your heart and mind into this piece and it really is a fantastic job

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