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DHZ's Cal Poly Visit log

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Okay boys and girls, this is my first blog, so I'm going to give you the rundown to what I did over my trip to SLO. I'll update it as often as possible, and if you guys have suggestions as to what to do, let me know.


So, this morning, I woke up at FIVE IN THE FRICKIN MORNING because my mom wanted to meet one of my teachers about financial aid, but she slept in while I was packing, getting my stuff in line and taking a shower. We end up running to class 15 minutes late and she never even ended up talking to the teacher, I don't think.


So I cruise through the day to Lunch. I end up getting out early, and my mom picks me up. We leave at one PM.


Disclaimer. I live 250 (!!!!) miles from SLO, so it ended up taking like, five hours! So, here's what we did.


We drove

and drove

and drove

and drove.


We drove straight on for five hours.


Interesting things I noticed:


First, if you're in an urban area, take a trip to SLO and its surrounding areas. The space, the fresh air, it just changes you. I have sooo much energy.


It might have been from the No Fear, (Citrus KICKS ASS), but it's just an eye opening experience.


BTW, Tainted Transmission 13 is a good listen if your Ipod doesn't skip. Thanks to Rai for giving me some music to listen too as I passed time counting cows. (lost track round 300).


So, I napped, and video tapped some of it. I'm going to make a youtube vid, so all you beautiful people and see and hear and experience some of the randomness that surrounds me.




So after my mom picks me up from school, we're driving home. It's during lunch and we're pulling down the is empty lane. Then, out of nowhere, this GIANT SUV comes careening over from another lane and stops like two inches from my mom's car. It was a kid from my school, a junior. Seriously, he didn't even turn over to apologize, just flipped us off. The nerve of some people.


So, we got hear round 6. It was really nice, we're like 3 miles from the school in the Travellodge. It's nice, small room. One bed. I'm probably going to crash on the floor, mom on the bed. So, once we got set up, we hit up the farmer's market.





Seriously, if you have never been to one, get off your ass, find one, bring cash, and shop. It's amazing. There was soo much food, it's mind blowing. You get two ribs for 2 bucks. GOOD ribs. Kick ass tritip sandwhiches for like 5 bucks. IT WAS PACKED. I think it's because of the preview day.


So I found out Cal Poly has its own micro climates. It was really cold, even though the week before was, like, 70!


Oh, for those who remember my glasses are broken, I ask you all to wait for my Vlog of this trip. You guys will get a kick out of how I fixed them.... XD.


So, I'm going to turn in for the night in a little while. The preview day is tomorrow, so I'm preparing my questions, hopefully see Brian (Melvenorc) tomorrow, and just hang ot on the campus.


Yes, I'm dragging mom around.





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Morning Update:


The beds are really not comfortable. My recommendation, bring your own blanket and things. Also, get a room on the ground floor. theoretically, you should get warmer water in the morning.


Cold shower =/= happy Jono.


Well, we're off to breakfast, then the campus. Hope everyone enjoy's their day.

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Next installment in the morning. Too tired. Frustrated with some people out here.

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